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Which of these should be my next priority?
Whichever you want to do!
Recreating the forum RPG/item shop
Updating the SF2 site
Updating the SF1 site
Updating the Final Conflict site
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26-Oct-2011 Will you be importing Shining Blade?
15-Sep-2011 What would you pay to play the SFC Forum RPG/shop?
08-Sep-2011 Which gameplay style of the Shining series is your favourite?
31-Aug-2011 Which of these should be my next priority?
20-Aug-2011 What do you think of the new look SFC?
22-Sep-2008 Do you ever buy videogames and related products online?
23-Jul-2008 How should SFC's next redesign look?
09-Jan-2008 Should SFC be redesigned as two sites - one for the original games and one for the new?
12-Feb-2007 Are you looking forward to SF EXA?
05-May-2006 How long have you been visiting my Shining Sites?
03-Jun-2005 If Shining cellphone games were released in your country, would you buy them?
07-Apr-2005 Have you imported SF Neo, and if so what are your thoughts on it?
10-Mar-2005 How would you rate SFC in terms of navigation & user-friendliness?
04-Feb-2005 Will you be buying the English release of Shining Tears?
21-Jan-2005 If you could have only one or the other, which would it be?
03-Dec-2004 Who is your favourite Shining Tears character?
08-Nov-2004 Are you happy with the amount of Shining news coverage at SFC?
21-Oct-2004 How long have you been playing Shining series games?
08-Oct-2004 Are you going to pre-order Shining Tears?
16-Sep-2004 Which are you more excited about?