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Shining Force III Premium Disc
Shining Force III Premium Disc
Original System:
Sega Saturn
Camelot Software Planning
Gameplay Style:
Bonus disc
Release and Version Information
These are versions of the game that have been released to the public. There are of course other releases such as pirate copies/compilations and preview/demo copies in which various aspects of the game may be different, some of which may be found listed in the Collectables section.
Shining Force III: Premium Disk
Sega Saturn
December 1998
Sega Saturn
N/A (Promo)
Hard to Find
Sega Japan
This disc was given away by Camelot Software Planning (the makers of Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force III), to anyone who sent in the spinecards ('obi') or tokens from all three Scenarios of Shining Force III (while stocks lasted).

The offer from Camelot was re-opened on several occasions, but the Premium Disc is still very sought-after. Due to the scarcity of Scenario 2, many people missed the chance during the final period of the offer. The disc includes extra battles (against the main bosses of most of the games in the series - in 3D!), a savegame creator for Scenario 3, a sound test, movies, interviews & adverts, artwork & 3D models. It's an amazing disc, and well worth picking up if you can find it.

In the early days these sold on Ebay for as much as $800, however due to the offer being re-opened several times the value seems to be around the $100 mark.

Camelot's recent announcement, here, confirms that the Premium Disc is no longer available, however it may be worth emailing them at webmasterX@camelot.co.jp with any enquiries you may have about it's availability.