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Shining Force Chronicle
Shining Force Chronicle
Original System:
FOMA900/901 Series Mobile Phone
Sega Japan
Gameplay Style:
Tactical RPG
Release and Version Information
These are versions of the game that have been released to the public. There are of course other releases such as pirate copies/compilations and preview/demo copies in which various aspects of the game may be different, some of which may be found listed in the Collectables section.
Sorry, release data for this game is not currently available.
Very little information regarding this title is yet available, though obviously as a Japanese mobile phone game it - like Shining Road - is unlikely to see a release outside of Japan :( The game would seem to be based on the original Shining Force - perhaps about their offspring (let's hope it doesn't clash with the SFCD story!), versus a new darkness. The Official Site has (as of March 16th 2005) not yet opened, but watch this space!