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I thought you were here to find out about the Shining series, but it seems some people wonder what the woman behind this site is like! Yes, that's right, I'm a woman - that seems to surprise some folks. Well, if you want to get to know me, I can often be found at the SFC forums, other than that, here's the general stuff you might like to know.

It's me, Moogie!
(May 2013 after losing
3 stone on the 5:2 diet!)

 Oh, but first, to answer a few common questions - the name Moogie is a derivation from my real name, Mariska. Various friends changed it around from Mariska to Mazzer, to Magga etc... and eventually it became Moogie. Not very interesting - but I'm tired of people asking me if it's Star Trek: DS9 or Final Fantasy related. Not that I don't like DS9, it's one of my favourites. Not so keen on FF though ;) The less said about that, the better.

As for the whole "Lady Moogie Goddess of all things Shining" name - no, it's not self-bestowed! I'm not that vain ;) It was actually what several people started calling me a long time ago. It kinda stuck, and it amuses me that the title comes down to G.o.a.t.S. :)

I first got into the Shining series when I was browsing through an old magazine I'd bought for the free gift! By that point Shining Force was already hard to find, so I ended up with Shining in the Darkness, and slowly began to accumulate more of the games.

My crazy obsessive collecting of the games didn't really start until my partner at the time bought me Shining the Holy Ark, at which point I found I had all the English games, but still needed more ;) Fast forward to 2011 and collecting has taken something of a back seat in my life primarily due to financial constraints (the same constraints which sadly forced me to sell some of my collection off over the years).

Name:Mariska Joni Taylor (I prefer Moogie)
Alias:Moogie (Moog, Moogs, The Moog, Moogwah)
Birthday:19th May 1981
Location:Dorset, UK
Gender:Female (duh)
Weight:Never ask a woman that. You're lucky you got my age! Let's just say I was bigger, until I found a sustainable way of eating for life in the 5:2 diet :D
Hair:Naturally blonde, currently brunette. Usually messy. Subject to change.
Occupation:Website designer and developer.
Goal in Life:To catch a Pike (succeeded May 2013!)
Marital Status:Married (April 2011)
Pets:Phoebe (16 year old kitten ;)), lots of fish (4 tanks).
Interests/Hobbies:Shining Force, fishing, web design & development, fish-keeping. Evangelist for the 5:2 Diet/The Fast Diet
Favourite Song:Return to Innocence by Enigma
Favourite TV Shows:Classics include The X-Files, Friends, Star Trek, Farscape and Babylon 5. My now all-time fave is the new Battlestar Galactica and I love The Big Bang Theory. Recent additions to the list should be The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother. Awesome.
Favourite Anime:Berserk, Slayers, Flame of Recca, Escaflowne... and more!
Favourite Colour:Purple. Sometimes green.

Favourite Shining Game:

I love them all, but I'm especially fond of Final Conflict... and somewhat less fond of anything post-Camelot (with the notable exception of Shining Force: Feather.

Favourite Non-Shining Games:

The Elite games and Sim City series have always had an amazing ability to steal hour upon hour of my life away! Tokyo Jungle has become a recent fave, along with The Last of Us and X-Com: Enemy Unknown - the closest thing to a Shining Force style engine I've played in a long while.
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