Site Introduction

I've been running my various Shining sites since May of 1996, and have no intentions of stopping as yet ;) They were always something of a solo venture, despite various offers for staff; though I've always welcomed (and credited) contributions. The sites have grown greatly over the years, and with the addition of more sophisticated forums in May of 2001, the community has grown drastically, including the addition of staffers to help moderate the forums. It seems there are a lot more Shining fans around than one might at first imagine!

As time has gone on I've found myself with less and less time to be able to work on the site, which is not only frustrating, but also not fair on our dear Shining series - its flagship fansite should not be allowed to stagnate. In a bid to keep the site fresh and up-to-date, I made the decision several years ago to redevelop the site with a custom-built CMS, to allow specified staffers to update & maintain certain areas. This is now almost completely ready and is certainly functional enough at this stage to allow for most of the site to be maintained relatively easily!


About Shining Force Central

We all know that there are Shining Force fans all over the world. With the net being as popular as it is, it's quite fair to assume that a large amount of sfc_about.jpgShining Force fans must be out there on it. We just have to reach them, and bring them all together. That's why, back in May of 2000, I established Shining Force Central (which was previously "The Unofficial Shining Resources List" a directory site, rather than community).

Through several methods, this site is able to help Shining fans all over the world get to know one another better and find the information they require quickly and easily. And for those who aren't fans, and stumble by this site, well, if it can show them just a little of how great the series is, then SFC will be serving it's purpose.

Shining Force Central is all about community, and how people of all backgrounds can come together as friends with a common interest. Here, we focus on what we have in common - not our differences. The community is always expanding, with hundreds of active members at the forums, and new sites being added to the directory regularly - this is a very active community of fans.

I'd like to give a summary of all the features available here at SFC, but it's grown so large over the years that there's far too much to cover! You can see pretty much everything that's available here by looking through the site navigation.

In a nutshell, anything Shining that you can't find at SFC you can probably find through the SFC directory. In each game's section are seven pages of links to other Shining sites, organised by content and rated for your convenience!

I hope you'll find the time to join the community - it's a great place to be.

Lady Moogie, Goddess of all things Shining.


Shining Force Central's Previous Incarnations

Over the years, SFC has changed its appearance and its content drastically - here are the site's old designs and the dates during which they were active.

The UnOfficial Shining Resources List
March 1997 - October 1998


Shining Force Central
May 2000 - June 2001


Shining Force Central
July 2001 - October 2002


Shining Force Central
November 2002 - September 2004


Shining Force Central
October 2004 - August 2011


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