Using SFC's Content

Making a website? Publishing a magazine article? Need to use some content from SFC? Read on!


I have always very much believed in giving credit where it's due, and as such I make a point of ensuring any work contributed to SFC is credited to the person who provided it, and any other relevant parties.

It seems, however, that this belief is not shared by everyone on the web, and in the past I have found other websites blatantly using my design and work, trying to pass it off as their own. I can't tolerate this kind of behaviour.

Now, clearly I do not own the copyright to the Shining series, and works on this site such as scans from magazines and books are still owned by their respective publishers - however (unless otherwise stated), I was the person who took the time and money to purchase these items, and spent many days scanning in the various pictures for you to enjoy.

Likewise many of the pictures here have been scanned and re-arranged (with effects like drop shadows, fading, merging etc) and as such have taken me time and effort to produce for this site.

While I seldom disapprove the use of materials from this site, I do request that anyone wishing to use content from SFC should contact me first to let me know what they want to use, and how. Recently a French magazine took the liberty of using pictures of the items from my collection in an issue of their magazine - without my permission. While it's flattering that they wanted to use the pictures from this site, a credit would have been very much appreciated, especially given that they profited from the use of my work. They later issued an apology in their magazine, but of course I would like to avoid similar circumstances in the future.


The Rules

So, if you would like to use materials from this site, here are the 'rules'!

  • First ensure that the content you wish to use from SFC is not credited to someone else.
    • If the work is credited to someone else, you should contact them to arrange usage - not me.
    • Do not email me asking how to get in touch with SFC's contributors - if they haven't had their email address listed, the chances are they do not want the work to be used elsewhere.
    • If their email address is not listed, but you would still like to contact them, you may be able to find them at the SFC Forums.
  • If the content is not credited to someone else, email me at first stating what you'd like to use, and for what purpose.
  • Await my reply.
  • I may require you to clarify your content usage, so be prepared to discuss this before usage is agreed/declined.
    • If the reply is positive, be sure to include credits as I've requested or as we've agreed.
    • If the reply is negative, please do not use materials from this site.
    • If the reply takes a while to come through, please do not send your request again for at least 2 weeks.
  • Remember, you must not embed/link directly to any files at that do not end in one of the following extensions:
    .php, .html .htm
    It is also requested that you do not load any files on the domain within frames on your site.

Giving credit to SFC where it's due not only helps to enlarge the online Shining Community, but also ensures that other people know who to contact if they wish to use content they find at your site which originated from SFC.

Page Author: Moogie