Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 12th September 2001 at 12:00pm
First of all, I'm sure you're all aware of the tragedies that befell the USA yesterday. My thoughts are with all those affected by these awful events.
In light of yesterday's events, I had to change the comic strip of the fortnight at the last minute, as the one I had planned for this fortnight (and drew over a week ago) may have seemed somewhat tasteless under the current circumstances. The replacement may not be up to the usual standard, and for that, I apologise. But I'm sure many of you are not in any mood for comedy at this time anyway, and understandably so.

As always on our fortnightly update, there's a new MP3, new comic strip and a new poll.

The August contest is now officially over, and the winners have been announced... were you one of the lucky ones?

The September contest has now been launched, check it out here!

I intended to review another bunch of sites for addition to the directory, but I ended up getting carried away with my Final Conflict translation, and in the last few days have translated 4 (pretty long) sections. Check it out at the Final Conflict site!

The Shining Force Campaign is going very well, with over 130 signatures added in about 2 days. Support so far is great, so if you haven't already added your name and sent an email, why not nip along to the Campaign site and do so now!

I've got a few more items to add to my collection page, but I'm holding off doing that until the other half dozen items I'm waiting for arrive.

Finally, without further ado, here are the results of last fortnight's poll. I was somewhat disappointed to see that so many people "don't care" whether there's a new game, but it's great to see how hopeful the majority are that there will be another Shining game!