Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 26th September 2001 at 12:00pm
Due to a family tragedy, I am keeping this update brief. My apologies for not doing all the things I'd wanted to do on the site this week.

As always, there's a new MP3, new comic and a new poll.
Two weeks left to enter the contest.
My Shining Force CD on auction, with bonus, at Ebay.

See the Campaign Site, Shining Force II Site and Final Conflict site for recent updates.

Response to the Poll results, for future additions to SFC:
Though I won't be adding more MP3s due to the legal implications, I will certainly try to add more artwork and wallpapers ASAP.

I may not be online much these next few days, or replying to email. I'll try to be at the forums during work hours if I can, but I'll be busier at work this week, and in the evenings our phoneline is pretty tied up, as there are many arrangements to be made. I'm sorry.