Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 10th October 2001 at 12:00pm
Hello all, and welcome to yet another fortnightly SFC update!
Today, for your pleasure and enjoyment, I am happy to present to you the Winner of the September Contest! The October Contest is now ready to accept your entries :)

As always there's a new poll, comic strip and MP3 for you, and in addition to that I've also found the time to add over 100 sites to the SFC directory! There are now 335 sites listed, categorised and rated!

Of the sites I've added, I'd have to say these are the most noteworthy:
Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya - has such a cool main page!!
Shining in the Darkness Shrine - a superb Shining in the Darkness site
Shining Force CD Shrine - one of the most complete SHFCD sites I've seen so far!

Of course, there are plenty of other great sites added to, so have a good browse through the listings if you have the time.

I've moved all of September's updates to the News Archive, so this page is a little less cluttered :)

I've got some additions to the Shining Chronology section, but I haven't had the chance to add them yet. I added one piece of new Shining Force II Artwork, and will add more soon.

There's not a lot else to report, except the Campaign is going as well as ever! The other sites haven't received updates really over the last couple of weeks, as following the tragic loss of my aunt, things have been very busy around my home, and I haven't felt much like updating. Thanks to everyone who sent messages of sympathy and condolence, my family appreciated all your kind words.

What else? Hmmm... oh, I have a couple of URLs to add to the "where to buy Shining Force" page, which I intend to add soon. I've also updated my Collection page, as it's grown somewhat in the last month.

I still have some rare Shining Force Gaiden cards for sale, so email me if you want to discuss buying some.