Message Board Woes!

Posted by Moogie on 20th October 2001 at 12:00pm
My apologies to all of the SFC message board users for the amount of errors that have been occuring during the last 12 hours or so. When the board reaches ~15,000 posts it tends to go screwy and from there it's hard to cut down the number of posts because each time I try to delete something, I get another error. They should be back to normal shortly, I hope.
Another contributing factor is the demand on the scripts. We've seen the boards working fine with ~50 members on at once, but now imagine if each of those members was viewing say, 3 different boards at once, in different browser windows - that would be more like 150 requests on the board as opposed to 50, making the load/demand greater, and causing more errors.

So, would all board users please restrict themselves to viewing the boards in just one window at a time!