Response from Sega Japan

Posted by Moogie on 24th October 2001 at 1:00pm
Following the announcement from Sega of Japan, regarding the development of Shining Soul, I decided to write to them to see if I could get any further information about the game, so I could keep you all updated. I also wondered if I might be able to sign up to get some promotional items to use as prizes here and perhaps - entirely selflessly, of course ;) - get a pre-release copy to review for SFC.
Today, I received a reply from Sega. Though it wasn't quite what I'd hoped for or expected, it was a nice read, so I've scanned it in and posted both pages, you can read them here and here (about 140k each, lowish quality for the sake of filesize). I've blurred out my address of course!

It's nice to know that despite their policy to not reply to international letters (this might well explain the lack of response to the Campaign: Phase II), they took the time to reply to me, and even sent back the Japanese stamps I'd sent them and paid for postage (express delivery, no less!) themselves. They also seem to like this site! So, it's nice to be "semi approved" by Sega ;) Well, at least they didn't disprove of my use of their artwork etc here :) The "that's all for now...." at the end seemed semi-hopeful though - maybe they'll think to send me information later on as it becomes available. Then again, maybe not, but we can hope, ne? Enough of my babbling, just have a look at the letter if you're interested!