Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 21st November 2001 at 12:00pm
As always, this fortnight there's a new comic strip, new MP3 and new poll. I hope you like the comic strip, I'd love to hear your feedback or ideas for future comic :)
I've updated my collection page with about a dozen new items, and added a high-res scan of the Brazlian Shining in the Darkness box art to the SitD Artwork page. I'm trying to find time to update my chronology page more as I play through Shining Wisdom, however preparing the Christmas Comic Strip for SFC is taking most of my free time. I hope it's worth all the work!

I've got a new midi to add very soon, but other priorities have to be done first. My apologies to the author for not finding time to mail him back yet. I'm currently working on a backlog of about 200 emails :( Not a very enjoyable task.

There's been a little more news about Shining Soul in the last week, click here to read The GIA's Article about it.

Oh, if you haven't already entered this month's contest, you'd best do so soon! You have less than 2 weeks in which to submit your entry.

For any collectors out there, a few buyers dropped out of buying some Shining Force Gaiden cards I'd put by for them, so I've put another auction together. If you're interested, it can be seen here.