Shining Force Chronicle Site Launched!

Posted by Moogie on 26th April 2005 at 11:02am
Just a quickie, as I have lots on today. Expect more of an update later in the week!

Sega Japan today opened their Shining Force Chronicle site - it is without a shadow of a doubt a remake of Gaiden I, and as you can see from the main page, Gaidens II & III are on the horizon too! The graphics and menus have of course changed a bit - and some of the portraits look a bit off, but I don't doubt this'll do well in Japan - shame we'll likely never see it in our own countries :(

With so many remakes, perhaps there is a chance of a new SFIII one day - but I'm sure KnightOfDragon's patch will be available long before then :)
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