Final Conflict Translation Patch News

Posted by Moogie on 10th June 2005 at 12:42pm
Earlier in the week, I had a surprise email from z80! He's put together a very comprehensive set of instructions for recompiling the FC ROM with script updates, so I can now do it myself!

I spent most of yesterday afternoon updating the script (thanks to Aspartate & Landius who have kindly sent through some revisions to make the script more accurate) and trying to compile the ROM. I just couldn't get it going right and was forced to give up when a friend dropped by unannounced...

All evening I pondered on why it wasn't working. Now all morning I've pondered, tinkered and repondered, and finally I'm there. The revised (thus far) script is now in place and I just need to play through the game quickly to check for bugs etc, while I wait for any further revisions from Asp & Landius.

This should speed things up somewhat, as I'm now pretty familiar with the process and can do it within a half hour. Huzzah!! Huge thanks to everyone for their support, assistance and general encouragement. No thanks to those who've nagged, hassled and been generally rude ;P

Hopefully the patch will be ready very soon - but please, don't hassle Asp about the revisions. She's doing this off her own back and I appreciate her work very much - the patch will be ready when it's ready, just look forward to that :D