The future of SFC

Posted by Moogie on 21st March 2006 at 12:56pm
Just a little update, since there hasn't been one in ages!

As is probably quite apparent, my life has been as busy (if not moreso than) as usual. But, the day draws near that SFC is to be handed over to someone else.

Or does it?

As you may have read in various discussions at the forums, there doesn't appear to be any one person able to take on the role & expense - I suppose this is to be expected, most sites of this size have a group of staff members for maintaining the site.

So, here's the plan as it stands. SFC already has a (very minimal) content management system which can be accessed by selected members, thus enabling them to perform site updates. All I need to do (which makes it sound like a small task, as opposed to the fairly mammoth one it is ;)) is expand the content management system to encompass most (if not all) areas of the site, and allow different levels of access to different users.

In this way, members (subject to approval) will be able to post news, maintain the site directory, add comics, merchandise, etc etc.

I had always planned to expand the system for whoever took on the site after me, but just haven't had enough time over the last year - it's been busy.

Anyway, it looks like SFC will still be my baby for some time to come - but I will do my best to make sure that at least the news system is ready for the May "handover", so that I can appoint some relevant users to perform basic updates. Ugh, I dread to think how much news this site is missing from the last year while I've not had so much time or interest. Sorry folks. In my defence, it'd mostly be about Neo - and we don't care about that do we? ;) Just kidding, I know some of you do!

So, SFC's content may be updated by other users in future, but the site itself (and thus the cost of it ;)) remains mine - essentially allowing me as much or as little involvement as I please. I can do a redesign if I have the time and inclination, I can add bits and pieces easily if I fancy it... or I can just let other people do updates as needed.

Sounds good? Hope you don't all feel I've lied about giving the site up or that I never intended to - I absolutely did, but it just hasn't panned out that way, and I'm not going to let the last decade of work go down the drain!

Will I ever bow out completely? Time will tell! But for the forseeable future, SFC belongs to its members, and to me :)