SFC to shutdown?! Annual Beg 2007 - hajime!!

Posted by Moogie on 30th April 2007 at 8:21am
Well folks, it's that time of year again... hosting payment for SFC is due at the start of June if I recall correctly and this year my beg is more urgent than ever.

In the past I have had at least a little money to add in to the cause myself. This year my situation is entirely different. As many regular SFCers may know, my relationship of over 9 years ended just a couple of months ago, leaving me without my own home, or the financial support I have been accustomed to. My life is very much up in the air and I have next to no money at this point, to last me an indefinate period of time. I cannot go into great detail due to the current legal proceedings regarding the split, but suffice to say I'm skint.

SFC costs US$360 a year in hosting, which is something of a bank-breaker for me now. So, I'm here once again asking you to dig deep and help keep the site going for another year. I know updates have been thin on the ground, with my crumbling relationship having taken priority in recent years, but I know the forums are still very much used, and once my life is in some kind of order again I hope to spend a bit more time on this place. Hope.

So, we've got about 4 weeks to raise US$360. I hope we can do it!