Can you help? Japanese Translators Needed!

Posted by Moogie on 27th June 2006 at 10:37am
If you're fluent in Japanese and English, we need your help!

The Shining Force III translation patch project is in need of able translators to finish off some missing lines from the Scenario 2 scripts. Although there are a few larger sections to be translated, these are being handled by our dear Aspartate who has done so much for non-Japanese-speaking Shining fans over the years, there are also some 300 other lines which need translating, varying from short and simple to longer and more complex.

This is such an exciting project for us all, it's a shame so few of us are qualified to help. My minimal Japanese is unlikely to be of use, but perhaps you know rather more than I.

I'm sure there must be at least one or two of you reading this who know Japanese well and could spare some time to work on this. It's not paid work, but you'll reap the karmic rewards of helping out your fellow Shining fans.

Perhaps it's not even you who knows the language - maybe you have a friend or relative who can help. I for one shall be asking Rei if he has time to translate some lines. Do you know anyone that can help?

If you can help, or know someone who's willing to, head along to this thread and speak up!

Thanks all, and keep on Shining!
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