Shining Force: Feather released today!

Posted by Moogie on 19th February 2009 at 1:47pm
Today saw the release of Shining Force: Feather in Japan, and I must say I've been quite excited about it.

Unfortunately I have yet to be able to play it as due to the ongoing difficulties with selling my house (and thereby being able to close the previous chapter of my life once and for all... 2 years after it technically finished) I've not been able to spare the money to order a copy :(

Today also marks 2 years since my new life without Lee first began and I think it's quite fitting that on this day the Shining series may be starting its new life too :)

I've been trying to get a *cough*ROM*cough* of the game working on my DS as a stopgap until I can afford to buy it for myself but my n5 cart doesn't seem to want to play it - some problem with not being able to save I think it says. Not sure, it's in Japanese ;) If anyone can offer any advice on this I would be most grateful as until my house sale goes through I cannot be spending US$50 on myself.

Alternatively if just 15 of you order the game through this link to Play Asia, I will have enough credit with them to buy the game from my affiliate earnings. Or does anyone fancy buying it for me? Early birthday present? Late Christmas present? 'We love you Moogie' present?! ;) lol. Doesn't hurt to try, eh?

Anyway, while I'm here I may as well mention that I am still working hard on the new SFC CMS in all the spare time I have and I believe I have now broken the back of it. Really hope to have this ready for the site's anniversary at the start of May, but no promises. Actual work has kept me pretty busy of late which is good because I'll have to pay off my solicitor bill soon as well as continuing to pay the mortgage while the house sits empty. Nightmare.

Er... yes, anyway, SF:Feather. Buy it! It's looking great :)