New forums added... because Shining Force Feather deserves one!

Posted by Moogie on 24th February 2009 at 2:26pm
Having finally gotten a chance to play Shining Force Feather I must say I am impressed. It's been a long time since a Shining game has had me so eager to come back and play more, and the music keeps playing in my head at night. When I can't sleep at night I find myself reaching for the DS. Such is the joy of Feather!

Although it's a little tricky to get into considering that it is in Japanese and doesn't use the classic 4-point menu system which made the original games so easy to pick up and play, and despite the fact that it doesn't look very Shiny at first glance it really is a game worthy of the Force title.

Battle tactics are now more fun than ever with the ability to control the way you attack in order to score multiple hits against an enemy. I love the way movement now works and although at first I didn't like not being able to attack with no Force Points, it does add another element of strategy to the game - you can't just pile in, sometimes you'll need to retreat a little and regroup. Combination attacks with other characters are great fun and make me think that in future games this sort of thing could be combined with the old SFIII Friendship System to create an even more amazing way to attack.

I really am loving this game, and recommend you give it a go - I'm enjoying it so much I had to create a forum for it even though I've been so slack as an Admin for the last few years. Of course this meant I had to set up forums for other recent Shining titles, perhaps less derserving of their own forums IMHO... but at least it's cleared some clutter from ATS ;)

Sadly, no English release has been confirmed as yet but I have contacted a chap I used to be in touch with at SoA in the hope he can provide some more information.

Meanwhile, Play-Asia now have the game in stock and are shipping them out. You can order it through this link and make a little bit of money for SFC from your purchase ;)
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