13 years and still going strong!

Posted by Moogie on 5th May 2009 at 10:19am
Good morning all, and welcome to May 5th, which happens to be the 13th anniversary of the day I first uploaded my Shining Force II site!

Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit over the years and kept this site alive, even while I have failed to do so myself. Without your constant encouragement and enthusiasm I wouldn't still be doing this malarky.

Yes, it started way back in 1996 and look how things have grown. SFC itself came to exist a few years later in 2000 (although had originally come about in early 1997 under a different name), and so technically SFC is celebrating its 9th anniversary today... but since the sites are part of one whole big mess of webdesign and everlasting obsession I count it as 13 years of the entity which became and always will be SFC.

While I had hoped to have the new CMS & redesign ready for this special day, various things have gotten in the way (not least of which being the site downtime & subsequent server issues during the week I had off to develop the new stuff) and as such I can't offer you the gift of Shiny newness today. Soon I hope though, soon.

As something little to make you all smile though, I have recoded the April Fools avatar overlays from the old forums... pop along and browse a topic to see what comes up :)

This is also my small gesture to show you that I do still care enough to make time for silly bits of code like this ;) ...and that I'll be able to have the ol' RPG overlays back when the new SFC RPG is finished. Watch this space ;)

Okay, enough rambling. Go on and enjoy yourselves, celebrating SFC Day!