Shining Force III makes top 100 games of all time!

Posted by Moogie on 27th August 2010 at 6:51am
gamesTM Magazine 100th Issue - Shining Force III Limited Edition Cover
SFCer Ashley, who works at gamesTM magazine here in the UK has dropped me a line to say that Shining Force III has made the top 100 games of all time in the 100th issue of gamesTM.

To celebrate 100 issues, the magazine has put together 100 different covers, each featuring one of the top games. Naturally, SFIII is among them, as you can see from the cover here.

Only 400 of each cover design will be available, so they're very limited edition. It'll be down to chance whether or not your usual stockist happens to have a SFIII cover or not.

So, when the magazine goes on sale on September 2nd, the great SFIII cover hunt will begin! I for one will check all the local shops for it and will pick up any spare copies I find with the SFIII cover. Ashley, despite working for the magazine, does not automatically get his choice of covers and would dearly like a copy not only for himself but also one to send on to Camelot in recognition of their achievements.

Should I locate more than one copy, I will gladly give the second to Ashley for Camelot - any others will be available to SFCers (at cost price) and I hope all SFCers will do likewise to help each other out. I'll take Thursday off work and spend the day visiting all the local magazine stockists if I can!

Good luck all :)
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