Shining in the Darkness Script added

Posted by Moogie on 20th September 2010 at 2:12pm
Many thanks to SFCer Martin III, who typed up the SitD script a couple of years ago and posted it on the SitD Forum.

I know I've been slack the last few years, but am finally starting to catch up here a little bit at a time. Over my lunch break today I've prepped the script for addition to the site and have imported it - shazam!

So, the script is now available in the scripts section here at SFC, complete with pictures for most of the characters.

I could do with in-game pictures for the following characters as I don't seem to have many SitD screenshots to hand (only played it on the console, not emulated!) - if anyone can provide them that would be great!
Princess Jessa, Jessa Doppler,Xern, Spirit of the Fountain and Mortred.
I could also do with a better picture of Pyra, the one I'm using has her name over it.

Thanks again to Martin, and sorry it's taken me so long to add it. Nice work mate :)
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