SFC Annual Beg 2013! Need to raise US$330

Posted by Moogie on 12th August 2013 at 10:14am

...and there goes another year.

Yes folks, it's that time of year again - the Annual Beg. It seems like only yesterday I put up last year's beg. I've barely been here in the last year, but it seems people still use the site. So, if you want to keep using the site over the  next year please do consider contributing to the costs of running the site.

If however you feel it's time for the site to be closed down due to inactivity - not only on the site but with the series itself and the direction it has taken, I'd like to know. If the site is no longer wanted or needed and the series is essentially dead to many of us then maybe it's time to say goodbye to SFC? It's had a good life.

Due to a donation received earlier in the year, we are now only looking to raise US$330 instead of the full $360. The invoice is due by October 1st, so we've got about 7 weeks to raise the funds.

UPDATE 16th August 2013

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's beg! We have now raised enough funds & I have requested the hosting invoice so it can be paid early! SFC shall live another year at least :)