SFC Annual Beg 2016

Posted by Moogie on 18th September 2016 at 9:37am

Goodness me, another year has flown by. How have I not found the time to finish off the new version of SFC?! It's well underway but free time is at a premium, or at least free time where I feel well enough to work on it (health still not great, docs still on the case).

What can I say? I've left the beg a bit late as I thought the payment was due the end of October, turns out it's the start of October. Doh! Just got my 2 week notice yesterday. Sorry folks.



UPDATE: Monday 19th September 

Wow!! Almost there already folks, thanks to a very generous donation we are now at $286.50 - that's amazing! 


UPDATE: Tuesday 20th September 

We've done it - that must be record time, thank you everyone!

Now to go and pay the hosting invoice :D