SFC Annual Beg 2018

Posted by Moogie on 11th September 2018 at 11:59am
Well what a year it has been. Following my diagnosis of CFS/ME last year I thought things would finally start looking up. How wrong I was. Just after New Year, my husband walked out on me unexpectedly and my health took a dive. 
Yet again I am far from being in a position of being able to cover the hosting costs (I can barely afford to live now I'm fending for myself) and the ad banners continue to make a pittance. Work is drying up and I'm not well enough to take on a new job so I hope to devote some more time to the long-awaited SFC revamp over the next year. Meanwhile I have finished up the Shining Force guide revamp, but still have a lot of content to add.

But as usual, I digress. You all know what this post is for. The hosting bill is due by the start of October, so I'm here grovelling for your hard earned cash again (and hoping that eventually the banner ads will start to produce an income to cover costs and help me get by on my own). We need to raise $300 in the next two weeks to cover costs.

If you'd like to chuck a few bucks into the pot, here's the link: