Annual Beg 2019

Posted by Moogie on 16th September 2019 at 11:09am
It's that time of year again folks and this time I don't even want to bore you with how difficult the last year has been for me, emotionally, health-wise and financially. Let's just say I hope that next year is a better one!
So here we are again. The hosting bill is due by the start of October (my bad, I had end of October in my head, turns out I was wrong, sorry). We need to raise $300 in the next two weeks to cover costs
With my work drying up and my health still bad, I'm really hoping to have time to work on the SFC revamp over the next year. It's long overdue and I know a mobile-friendly site & forum is much needed. Here's hoping that next year I can at least say I've done something special for the site.  

If you'd like to contribute this year, even if you can only afford a couple of bucks, here's the link: