Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 1st August 2001 at 12:00pm
Well, the redesign has now been online for 2 whole weeks :) Feedback so far has been very positive!

You'll find I've added a new "MP3 of the Fortnight", new comic strip and new poll... so get voting! The MP3 file will be moving servers on Thursday/Friday, so there may be a small period of downtime then... my apologies.

Um... not much else to report really... I've got a few link submissions to check out and add, and more translation to do. Other than that, I'm planning to redesign my Shining Force II site, build a Shining Force CD site, finish/redesign my Shining Force site and then redesign and re-launch the Campaign. I'd also like to expand my Shining in the Darkness site, but that's on low priority. Guess I'll be finished in a few years then ;)
Tomorrow (or thereabouts), I'll start offloading some of the old news into the news archive, which I'm probably going to organise by month.

Only 2 weeks left to get your Contest entries in, too... had some nice pieces of artwork so far, but maybe you can do better! Why not give it a go?