Regular Update

Posted by Moogie on 15th August 2001 at 12:00pm
Yet another fornight has passed! The July contest is now over, and the winner will be announced on Saturday, 18th August 2001.
I've finally moved some news to the News Archive, but I've yet to add a few links to the directory. Also, my apologies to anyone who had problems submitting their site over the last few days. Since I moved some files onto another server, the formmail script needed some changes. It's all working fine now though.

Don't forget to check out this month's contest, the prize is a really rare piece indeed, a true collector's item. I'll say no more here, you can read all about it on the Contest page.

I'm currently working on a complete redesign of my Shining Force II site. More news on that soon, I expect :)

The page about my collection has been updated to include several new additions.

Not much else to report other than the fact that I've been able to arrange a few more cool prizes for contests... so I should be okay for about the next year! Oh, and still no word on my PayPal account, for accepting donations. Watch this space!

Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoy the Comic Strip, Poll & MP3 of the Fortnight!