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Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Chapter 3: Ambition of the Devil Group
Battle 13
Script translated by: Moogie
The stronghold of Galam lies ahead of us. It was originally built to defend against monster attacks. We'll need to go through it.
You say that's what it was for originally, but what has become of it now?
It's now occupied by the Devil Army. Some say that only Eiku remains there, I think you'll see that's not the case though...
The people of Roft village might be able to help us.
Roft village?
Yes, the village is right ahead of us. We'll go there first, before we go to the fortress of Galam.
Bow Rider:
They'll show up... then we, the Devil Army, shall crush their insolence!
Hunt them down! We are Master Eiku's elite force!
It's you! We'll force you down and kill you all!
Look over there! It's the Devil Army!
We'll have to get them out of our way.
during the battle
Bow Rider:
You're doing very well!
Since that's the case... tentactles - come out!
tentacles appear
end of the battle
Bow Rider:
Remember this... although you defeated us, you won't defeat Master Eiku in his fortress....
Ian, having heard those words, it seems Eiku's fortress may be a considerable thing to deal with today.
Before we go on to fight, we should go and drop by the village of Roft.

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