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Shining Soul
European Version Script
Area 5: Glaybull Temple
Script typed up by: Moogie
Area 5 - Glaybull Temple
The smell...
I can smell it...
I can smell fresh human blood.
...Shining Warrior
I am I-Ohm, one of the Five Generals Serving the Dark Dragon.
I like that smell
It will make the finest wine!
if you die
You have lost?
But don't overstretch yourself
You will lose everything
if you die?
when I-Ohm dies
I don't waht to give up but look...
My blood has fallan onto the earth and the earth becomes engulfed by Darkness.
This blood will summon I-Ohm's body and bring it back to life
Ha ha ha!
Prontis, the starting place
(disguised as tent)
Select NO
That you have detected my disguise
I give you my respect, Master [Fabian]
This is a present for you
I hope it would be of your help
Received Shinobi Helmet
Kagemaru vanishes
The following is information about Zeon one of the Five Generals that support the Dark Dragon
Zeon's speciality is moving underwater
When he comes above ground he will belch poisonous breath
You must seize the initiative and attack the moment he lands
Once he takes the advantage it will be difficult to attack
End of line.
We have sent out and mourned
so many fighters in our time
No doubt this will continue
forever and ever...

Fabian], if you feel stuck with your progress you can try teaming with your friends through the Game Link cable
This will make battles easier
End of line.
Woman (north):
It's been a year since the Dark Dragon revived
I hope you will end this war with a victory
... ... ... ...
... Ah ... ... ...
Can't take it anymore...
There's nothing to do...
And I'm getting sleepy?
Blue-haired girl (south):
Master [Fabian]!
Are you OK?
Are you hungry?
I'm so worried I can't sleep
Blonde child (southwest):
The power of magic is mighty but it consumes Soul Power
You have to be careful

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