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European Version Script
Sand, Water & Jump Labyrinth
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
When entering the Sand Labyrinth
If you wish to meet the Djinn that lurks within the maze, when the sand turns to stone, take the Statue of Goddess and palce it next to the door at the top of the Colosseum.
Entering the Boss room
Ahh...Mars! Glad you could join us!
It's a pity you're too late...the Earth Djinn has already been released! Hahahahaha!
Surely you must be upset? Do you wish to defeat me, Slow One?
No, sorry...I must be off to Hobbit Village. There are things I must take care of. If you wish to die, you can meet me there. You fate awaits you.
I'll tell you this. I released the Earth Djinn & gave his Orb to the monster guarding him. If you desire the Orb, you must fight the Sand Worm. Hah...Hah...Hah...Hah!
Back in Odegan Castle
First floor
The King's appetite has been declining steadily so I'm trying to make him something to get his energy back, Wll, here should I start?
Guard #1, main hall:
Mars, you don't have to feel responsible. We know that you've been trying hard.
Guard #2, main hall:
The kingdom has never been in this much trouble before...When our force made it to Hobbit Villages, i thought the Elder would help us, but I was wrong.
Guard #3, main hall:
There is nothing to guard in the Treasury. I don't want to be depressing, but what am I doing here?
Man #1, next to main hall:
This shaking is really scary. Seems like it's getting bigger and bigger every day. I wonder if the day of the Giant's awakening is just around the corner...?
Man #2, next to main hall:
The King's complexion is getting worse everyday. He will be sick if we leave him this way! But...I can't do anything for him.
Guard #1, west wing:
Because the Djinn was freed, the Legendary Giant has started to stir...Everybody's talking about it.
Guard #2, west wing:
What secrets could the shrine to the west hold? It seems like there are a lot of tremors coming from that place.
Guard #3, west wing:
I wonder what happened to the force which went to the West District. Maybe they are...?
Second floor
Alfred, sleeping quarters:
Huh? Mars! You're back! It's been a long time. I'm still working night shifts as usual.
Man in bed, sleeping quarters:
What with all the excitement lately, I forgot to tell you! The other night, I saw a strange light flickering in the west. It could be the Dark Elf.
Man, sleeping quarters:
Mars, did you find an Orb? That means you are able to use magic now, right?
Guard, west wing:
While we are talking, the day of disaster is fast approaching...No, I shouldn't say such a thing.
Guard, east wing:
I heard that lately you are getting more popular around the soldiers...How come I'm not popular?
Oh, Sir Mars, you're here to see me? I've been so worried. Please cheer up.
Woman in Satera's room:
I pity Princess Stera because she worries about Sir Mars so much...I can't stand seeing her like that.
Guard #1 outside throne room:
Mars, when you go west. please look for our soldiers and let me know what you find.
Guard #2 outside throne room:
Although we know that the Dark Elves won't attack us here...I don't know why, but I still feel nervous.
Man #1, throne room:
Since all this started, I have accepted my fate. Even if the Giant comes, by my honor, I will serve the King until death.
Man #2, throne room:
If you're depressed, think about the people who'sre depending on you? We still have one last chance. You can't give up yet.
Man #3, throne room:
I wonder if our soldiers who went west found the Hobbit Village? We don't even know if they arrived safely. We haven't heard a thing.
Man #4, throne room:
The Princess who used to be so delicate became a much stronger woman after returning from her adventure with Sir Mars! She seems to have really matured.
Woman #1, throne room:
I'm able to find out a lot of things by working here and I feel I should be doing more for the kingdom, but I don't know what I can do.
Woman #2, throne room: the princess has taken a liking to Sir Mars, huh? Even though a strong rival has just arrived, I still won't back off.
Woman #3, throne room:
Even though the date of Odegan's destruction is getting close, I still don't believe it. Girls like us are practical.
Woman #4, throne room:
The King has been worrying but he's trying to act happy! Seeing him like that makes me want to pamper him like I was his mother.
Guard at main gate:
We haven't heard anything from our forcers in the west. I wonder if they're OK?
Guard at west gate:
You returned from the Sand Labyrinth? You're not a ghost, right? Mars, you're amazing! I can't believe you returned unscatched!
Woman at fountain:
Since I don't worry too much about the shaking, I'm fine. I wonder if I can lose weight from all this shaking?
Woman outside church:
Do you remember an old lady who babbled about ill omens?
Woman outside church:
She was this odd lady claiming to be Gudo Valley. We ended up sending her away.
Woman outside church:
We should have listened to what she was saying, but I think it's too late now...
Man in northeast corner:
People from the castle didn't tell us the reason for sending away soldiers, and they can't explain these tremors. Where is the Hobbit Elder and his friends when we need them?
Old man outside inn:
Lately, we've heard a strange rumbling coming from the earth and our soldiers haven't returned yet...I heard this time will be called the end of the century.
Woman at inn:
My husband drinks our wine whenever I turn around. I have to keep my eye on him.
Since there are no customers, I've been drinking since morning. I'm getting drunk because of all this shaking...But, ugh! It's making me feel sick.
Man at gate:
Do you feel it, Sir Mars? The ground is trembling. It has all the townsfolk shaken up.
Girl (blond):
I don't like it. When the ground shakes, I worry. what could be causing that?
Magician #1:
I heard that if you gather all 4 of the Djinns' Orbs at the Cape of Twin Peaks located in the West District, an isle of light will appear.
Magician #2:
If you can't go any farther in the West District, go to the North Labyrinth in the East District. That'll give you new options
Magician #3:
If you are planning to gather all the Orbs from the Djinns, listen carefully. If you get the Freeze Orb, you can freeze any place with shallow water. You need not be hindered by water obstacles.
Magician #4:
Because of the Earth Djinn's release, new evil things are starting to appear everywhere. If you get attacked by an evil lily pad, use the Spark Power. I'm sure that will take care of them.
Magician #5:
The Djinn's Orbs are magicial. Equipping the Orb lets you use the Orb's magic. And each Orb's magic produces different effects depending on the other items you have equipped.
Oh, you're back, Mars! Mm hmmm. It's don't have to say anything. As long as you tried your best. Since you failed at the Sand Labyrinth, we advise you to go west and search the remaining labyrinths. It doesn't matter which maze you visit wether it be FIRE, WATER, or AIR. But, please stop them, no matter what! I'm counting on you, Mars.
What's wrong, Mars? Such a look of despair on your face...The King and all the people of Odegan have left our fate in your hands, so please don't make us worry because of that expression on your face.
From the expression on your face, I can see that you failed. If you think that Odegan is doomed because of you, though, you're wrong. Your father never quit, and he was always optimistic about the future. Don't dwell on the past. But go forward instead!
In the water labyrinth, boss room
Mars! I am truly sorry, but the Water Djinn has already been released. In fact, it is already on its way to the Underground Marsh! Hahaha! HeeHee! Oh, I'm funny! I've been looking forward to this day a lobng time...Ever since you embarassed me, I have been biding my time waiting for this chance!
Look what I have! Freeze Orb! Freeze Orb! See? Now, you must fight me. And if we fight near water, you have no chance to win. Hahahaha! ...Ahem. Now, die!
Entering the Jump Labyrinth
Only one who bears the Orb of Freezing may pass. Else...Begone from here!
Ahh...You must be Mars. As you have made it this far...I assume Banbo has been defeated, no?
A brilliant tactican, but a rather poor fighter. It must have been fate...
If you came to prevent the release of the Fire Djinn, you're a bit late...

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