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European Version Script
Saving the Hobbits
Script typed up by: Magnus Andersson
Hobbit village
Hobbit, northwest corner:
That night, all the village people came together because the fountain was glowing. I get chills thinking about what would have happened if you hadn't resuced us.
Hobbit, west house:
Mard, are you the son of Sir Giles? No wonder you rescued us. You are inheriting your father's position.
Hobbit outside west house:
We were imprisoned inside a bright room. Blinding light surrounded us, and when the light vanished, we were back at the fountain. Seems like we were dreaming.
Hobbit, southwest house:
3 Djinns were released while we were imprisoned. Could the final one have been released? If that happens, the Shining Sword will be the only way to stop the Ginat.
Hobbit, south house:
Is it true that you defeated 3 of Pazort's 4 followers? That's a feat worthy of the son of Sir Giles. If you defeat Nuug in the Air Labyrinth, YOu'll have all the Orbs right?
Hobbit outside south house:
This is Hobbit Village which has a famous past. YOu what what!? If you drink water from the well, you will recieve energy. Go ahead, try it.
Hobbit, east house:
The reason why the King didn't want to see us is because he was threatened with the Princess' welfare, right? Ha ha, we knew that.
Book #1 in east house:
A hobbit diary! If we keep fighting the Dark Elf, someday will become victim to him.
Book #2 in east house:
Legend of the black wall at Twin Peaks! When a person with the 4 orbs and a strong mind touches the black wall, the Labyrinth will appear.
Book #3 in east house:
Legend of the Jumping Shoes maze! Only a person who has the Freeze Orb can get the ability to jump.
Book #4 in east house:
Some of the Hobbits went to Granseal Island to become silver workers.
Talking to a tree in the Hobbit village
You have a Whisper Shell, that means you have seen the Fairy of the Valley, right? Amazing! But, you look like you want to ask something. Is it about the Hobbits?
One night the village fountain started to sparkle, and all the villagers gathered around. With everyone around, the light flared up & vanished...along with all the Hobbits.
The light that took all the village members looked like a reflection from a mirror. They might have been abducted by the mirror...Do you know about the Passage Mirror? When you set it against a magical mirror, you can enter the Mirror Labyrinth, I hear.
When meeting Karry -boss- in the Mirror Labyrinth
Oh is that you, Mars? Lucky for you, you solved the riddle. That was a labyrinth we created to get rid of those pesky Hobbits so they would not interfere.
What have you there, magic Orbs? Since you have the Freeze and Blaze Orbs, that means that Banbo and Gueid were defeated, eh?! You insolent boy!
If I had known that you were this dangerous, I would have crushed you in the Sand Labyrinth. You might be a fine match for me. Show me those powers that you got from Banbo and Gueid!
Village Chief's house, afterwards
Hobbit chief:
So you are Mars! The developing son of Sir Giles! We are indebted to you for saving us from the Sorceress Karry.
I am the Elf Magician Kazin! I have come from Granseal Kingdom on the Parmecia continent in search of Pazort. Mars, I heard about you. You are the son of a very famous hero on this continent. I'm proud to stand next to such a curageous warrior! You are just like my best friend Bowie.
I am the Elf Sarah, pleased to meet you. We are looking for the Dark Elf Pazort. Even though we travel together, we are not a couple! Don't look at us like that.
Hobbit chief:
I never would have imagined that Pazort would target Hobbit Village. I was careless to overlook that.
I think Pazort will soon see us as a thorn in his side.
While we were imprisoned in the Mirror Labyrinth, 3 Djinns were released, right?
Elder, we will go to Odegan Castle and the ancient shrine to see how the Giant is doing, just like last time.
Mars, go to the Air Labyrinth and prevent the Air Djinn's release. If you can't then at least get Nuug's final orb and prepare all the orbs & yourself for quite a fight!
You must defeat the Djinns and seal them back in the Orbs before the Giant has enough power to completely do that you need all the Orbs.
This is the Pegasus Helm. It has the magical power of the Fairy of Wind. I give you this treasure of the Elves! I'm sure this will be useful when you go to the Air Labyrinth.
Hobbit chief:
Ummm...we are depending on you!
Your slim chance, if the Air Djinn is released, is to find the Light Labyrinth with the 4 orbs then search for the Sword. The sword you can find there is the Shining Sword. it's our only hope of defeating the Giant and Pazort.

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