Scripts & Translations
Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Part 1: Grans Island
Script typed up by: Lineage
Old man at the entrance:
Welcome to Yeel.
Young man:
This village is peaceful but boring. I'm tired of living in such a rustic small village.
Hen 1:
Bok-bok-bok... ...(scratch)....
Hen 2:
That's my hen! Don't torment her!
May I help you? Oh, hi kids. Hawel? Yes, I know him. He's famous, and he's kind of a screwball. He lives northwest of this village. You can't miss it.
Old man:
There are no soldiers, no rules, and no noise here. I don't understand those who want to leave this town.
Young people nowadays don't know the value of peace. War is not fun, but they think it is.
Are you from Galam, too? No? Many Galam soldiers asked where Hawel lives. Hawel, Hawel, Hawel! Why is he so important? He's just an old man.
Young woman:
I once travelled to Galam and saw Mr. LEMON there. Mr. LEMON is the leader of the Galam Army, but he is a very kind man. I'm a big fan of Mr. LEMON. He's so cute!
Young man:
Soldiers are so cool! That's neat armor!
Old man at the house:
Oh, you came from Granseal? My son is working in Granseal. Do you know him?
Cat in the Church:
Girl next to Kazin:
Want to see Hawel? Then why don't you go with him?
What can I do for you? Oh, you would like to see my master? I am studying at his house. Please follow me.
BOWIE decided to follow KAZIN.
Sir Hawel lives just outside of this village.
Girl next to Kazin:
Hawel is eccentric. He seldom comes to this village. Shhh...keep this a secret. I like the boy who is always with him.