Scripts & Translations
Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Part 1: Grans Island
Script typed up by: Lineage
Young man:
They say that Galam and Granseal are at war! I love peace. I love Yeel!
I heard that you are being pursued by Galam. Are you a criminal?
That storm made me uneasy. But I didn't foresee a war.
Young woman:
LEMON! I saw him leading his army! I thought Mr. LEMON was a gentleman....
Young Man standing still:
Hawel must have been killed by Galam.... I wanted to be a soldier like them. I've changed my mind.
Young Woman stood next to KAZIN:
Yeel remains neutral. We are pacifists. Fugitives from the war come here to live in peace. Of course, we welcome you and your people anytime.
Nobody has seen Hawel since Galam soilders went to see him. Was he...kidnapped? Or...or...?
Old man:
You had better not return to Granseal. You don't have to die at your age.
A war always takes place so suddenly. But we're neutral.
Old Man in a house with books:
You're from Granseal! Please, please tell my son to come back! Where is he now? What is he doing now? Ah, why did I let him leave?