Scripts & Translations
Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
Part 3: North Parmecia
Script typed up by: Lineage
If you head towards Moun
Dark Soldier:
Where did you come from? What are you doing here?
Dark Soldier 2:
Don't you know about the restrictions?
Even if you didn't know, that's just too bad.
Male Centaur by the entrance:
You're not devils, are you? How did you get here safely?
Male Centaur by the harvest:
I'm hungry....
Male Centaur near the statues:
Do you think Pacalon can beat the devils? Say yes! Pacalon has the best fighters in the world!
Male Centaur by the entrance to castle:
Pacalon soldiers are so proud! But, they're just cowards that hide in the castle.
If you search the well
A sturdy well. No water there.
Female Centaur in SW house:
Are you strong? Will you please kill the devils?
Female Centaur in house next to SW house:
What will we do when we lose?
Femal Centaur in house next to church:
Do you know Geshp? He sometimes comes here. He seems so friendly. Are all devils like him? If so, I like them.
If you search the statues
A statue of a fine soldier.
Male Centaur near the entrance:
Are you from South Parmecia? Oh, great!
Male Centaur near left wing entrance:
Devils are coming to town? OK, I'll beat them up!
Male Centaur near left wing entrance:
Oh, I can't. I'm too hungry!
Male Centaur near right wing entrance:
It'd been dry here since the devils appeared. They must have done something to Goddess Mitula!
Male Centaur in left wing:
Brave Pacalons? None at all. There are no soldiers who can fight against the devils.
Male Centaur in entrance:
They came from Nazca, which is west of Moun. We locked the gate of Moun to stop their progress. Vicar FRAYJA has the key to open the gate.
Female Centaur in kitchen:
What happened to the soldiers who went into Mitula's Shrine? Were they all killed?
Female Centaur in the room directly above the main castle entrance:
I saw it! The Princess ate food in the kitchen one night. I didn't wish to see such an uncouth princess.
Moving Male Centaur in the hall:
We don't have enough food because of the long drought. Just one rainfall would make us happy.
Female Centaur near the priest (Princess):
You'll see a route through the mountains when you go north from here. You can get to Tristan by traveling along that route.
Standing Male Centaur in the hall:
Devils came to Pacalon through Moun. We blocked the invaders by locking the gate of Moun. That means, we abandoned the people living there.
I committed a sin.... I abandoned the people of Moun to protect the Parmecia continent.
King Pacalon:
HIGINS asked you to drop by here? Thank you! May I ask you a favor? Please save Mitula. She's in Tristan. We will be ruined by the drought long before the devils destroy us.