Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 1: Nightmare in the Floating City of Saraband
Balsamo Town
Script typed up by: Lineage
Did you see that, Lord Synbios...? Monks from that evil cult passed in front of us so arrogantly, as if we don't even exist!
Well, that happens, Dantares. Many of them are staying here in Balsamo, praying for the conference's success.
They've caused ys so much trouble... and they're praying for peace...
Go, Synbios. I'm relying on you. Find Emperor Domaric before they escape from here.
Town of Balsamo
Moving monk on the right:
What? Why those suspicious looks...? Do you have a problem with our sect? Do you wish to suppress our religion? In this country, Emperor Domaric has guaranteed the freedom of religion... We won't allow you to make us leave!
Old man:
I've told you youngsters several times! Both countries will never make peace. This conference was destined to fail! Republican lands were once Imperial lands, and Domaric wanted them back! Domaric hoped to annex the Republic.
Young man:
You must be Republican soldiers... I'm worried... You must run. You shouldn't stay here. Republican and Imperial armies, here for the conference, started fighting, so I don't feel this is a very safe place for you now.
Moving monk north:
You... are you looking for something?
Begin choice options
Moving monk north:
You dare lie to a Bulzome monk!? You are a fallen soul, a lost lamb of sin and deceit! A curse will befall you where you shall repeat ,amy wars, suffering much pain and loss until you tire and die!
Moving monk north:
If so, whatever you are looking for is not in this town. Go look elsewhere. The divine power of Bulzome says so, and I know this to be true. Got that? I suggest you leave town.
End of choice options
The Bulzome Sect was praying everyday for a successful peace conference. Despite that, the conference failed. But obviously the Bulzome monks... all wear masks, and act strangely. Maybe their prayers have no benefit...
Standing monk:
You prayed deeply for peace, but sadly the conference did not go very well... This land's religion is to be blamed. From this day forth, denounce your faith in Elbesem and pray to Bulzome. That is the only way to peace.
Why would both armies, here for a peace conference, start fighting? I know that Barrand, set between both nations, is a key city to occupy, but I wish the fighting didn't start here.
As the war continues, the fighting between the Imperial and Republican armies is moving northward. Up north is a town, Railhead, which is the main train station. If it's damaged, that would affect all of us.
Old woman:
Actually, Dusty Village, which is located to the north of Saraband, is used by bandits as their base. Now that this stupid war has begun, I guess the bandits will be acting up. Sigh... it'll be dangerous here again.
I'm afraid of those Bulzome monks... Not just because they wear masks, but there's something evil about them.
House next to Republican Headquarters
Old man:
I used to go looking for treasures. At my age though, I can't take hard work. So I retired to enjoy and live life. Many treasures are still hidden east of here at Dwarf's Hill. Bandits from Dusty Village hope to get to them.
Old woman:
Those were the days when we went treasure hunting... I still have many fond memories from back then. Shiraf, the head of Dusty Village, used to be my husband's apprentice. Back then... he was a puny wimp.
Shiraf runs the Dusty Village bandits! Only riff-raff live in Dusty Village. Visitors might get robbed at gun point!
House 2
For us, it's a once in a lifetime dream to ride on the train... We are saving our money for that ride. Sadly, there is no free travel, and it's very rare to be granted a permit. I hope to ride the train before I die.
Blond guy:
The town to the north, Railhead, was built by the Governor General Garvin. I hear it is a huge town. The steam locomotives based there link the Destonia Empire and Aspinia Republic by going through Barrand.
Bookshelf by the girl:
To travel on a stylish train! Pay the high fare to depart from Railhead, and enjoy the ride to Destonia and Aspia.
Other bookshelf:
Traveling around Dwarf's Hill! Located south of Railhead, you'll find Dwarf's Valley... home of many monsters.
Imperial Base
Centaur (Walz):
Ouch... I did it. It's my first battle that I've ever been it, but I managed to put one man down... ouch..
Dwarf (Rock):
You ... are a Republican VIP... Come forth... and identify yourself. If only I was not injured... I could cut you down in no time!
I can... not... make it... Pl.. please... tell my wife... that I fought bravely.. and that I'm sorry...
Republican Base
Dead soldiers:
... there is no response. A Republican soldier is lying there.
I was with the Produn army, and we were guarding Railhead in case of trouble. Then why am I in Balsamo? Patrolling the vicinity of the town, we extended our patrol over Dwarf's Hill, and entered a strange forest... Spreading out once insde the forest.. I heard a yell, so I followed it and then I saw a monster attacking Toby. I recall beating the monster, and then blacking out. When I woke up, I was in Balsamo. I don't know how I got here. But even if I find out the reason now, I'll be treated as a deserter. What should I do from here on out? Since the war has already begun, I cannot go back to the military. I need to think... about what I'll do next.
Duncan's House
I'm Duncan. an adventurer. I get along well with the son of the village chief, Toby. One day, when we went outside.... I got Toby into a dangerous situation, but a Republican soldier saved him.
Going out to the well
Wha... hey you! What are you doing? You enter my house without asking, go through my stuff... What else are you going to do? That door leads to my garden, but I just planted a bunch of plants. You can't go there. Go to another house! You're persistent, but I can't let you past that door right now. Got it? You playing a game? Leave my house.
Mayor's House
My son was attacked by a monster, and Obright rescued him. But my son won't give any details... Duncan, a dwarf and former bandit, carried Obright here on his back. He did not tell me what happened, either.
Old man:
For the conference, many headquarters were made. Now that the conference failed, why did we work so much? Lead your army southwest, and you'll see a deserted headquarters you can use. But, please don't start a war...
Hi, I'm Toby. Duncan is my best friend. Even though I was told not to go to dangerous places, he and I went out to get some mushrooms when a monster attacked us! But Obright, this soldier from the Republic, rescued me!
The Bulzome cult prays to an evil god. Yet many here are being drawn to them, as they slowly lose faith in Elbesem. People's minds are open to delusions. I regret that I can't stop this trend. Don't let Bulzome deceive you.
People in the Bulzome Sect look cool. They wear masks as a disguise... just like super-heroes!
Everyone forgets what the priest has done for them and are joining the Bulzome Sect. Such weak minded people.
Old woman:
Just until recently, I had no idea that there existed a religion called Bulzome. No matter how much I pray to Elbesem, Imperial society will never change. Maybe I'll try praying to Bulzome now.
House between Inn and Toby's House
Ah... No... ! Soldiers, Knights, Swordsmen... why do they enter people's houses and make a mess by searching through the house? We're always cleaning up after you. Haven't you messed things up enough? Stop it! Well... you are kind of cute... I'll let you inside the house, if... you promise not to... make a mess.
Old woman:
We were lucky to have a daughter. She helps me and she can't be drafted. I just worry about who she will marry.
Blonde guy:
She is my daughter, but... she's too fixated on neatness. She can't stand messes in the house.
Parents are really gullible. Just help a little around the house, and they're happy just having a respectful child.
Ancient ruins have many treasures! If you have a map, you can enter the ruins. They are also filled with dangers.