Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 1: Nightmare in the Floating City of Saraband
Battle at the Commerce District
Script typed up by: Lineage
Saraband Center
Masked Monk (blue):
It seems Medion has given up.
Masked Monk (blue):
Because we detonated the explosive in time, he seems to have returned to his lodgings.
What's up with that suspicious monk with the mask!?
Masked Monk (blue):
You're not Medion and his friends, you are swine from the Republic!
It seems that these are the ones Medion was chasing after.
Masked Monk (blue):
Hah! Do you think you can fight me with that pitiful band? I'll cut you all to pieces!
They have the edge in numbers, but if we play it right, we can take them. We can overcome them, Synbios.
After the battle
The masked monks, in reality, are just a bunch of murderers...
These 'monks' and the troubles... they seem somehow related. In any case, let's get back to our lodge.
Saraband Center
Young Woman:
Oh...Excuse me...Did you want something from the trade center? Well.. We have closed for the day... Re-really! I'm not lying! Please, please come again some other time. When it's safer...
Girl (tool shop):
Did a stray bullet hit you...? If that's not the case, quit roaming around and go back to your camp!
Old man:
Young people nowadays... At the first explosion, they ran for their lives and left us behind!
Old woman:
Look... The barrels and things over there... They suddenly exploded! What is... going on here?
Man (weapon shop):
This is why I was against this. All the powerful weapons are locked away. How can we fight against this attack?
We are just civilians... We surrender, we surrender, please... Please spare our lives! I beg of you!
Just because you order me to open up this place, don't expect me to just say "yes sir" and open it! If you try to force me to open it, I'll force you right back out with your tail between your legs!
Left guard:
Hmmm... What is the purpose of the attack... Maybe it's an attempt on the lives of both heads of state! If that's the case, I must not leave my post... no matter what happens!
Right guard:
I don't know who's behind this, but it's pretty stupid of them to attack Saraband. The conversion to a floating city was not just to have the convinience of movement, but also to act as a marine fortress!
Saraband guard guarding gate to eastern district:
This is too ridiculous to be true... How could Saraband be under attack? I must be dreaming!
Saraband guard to the gate to western district:
What do you want at a time like this! I've told you over and over that I cannot let you pass through here. More importantly, what's with these attacks? Why would anyone be angry with Saraband? Well, I can think of several reasons...
Saraband guard to the gate to government district:
Wow... Oh no... Enemy attacks... but... I'll never run! I'll protect the Governor General's Office.
Because we have been praying to Elbesem, Saraaband will come out of this absolutely fine. I'm not scared! What... I'm trembling? Uhhh... It's kinda chilly in here, don't you think?
You're telling me now is the time to go make money? Uh, yeah... I will in a short while. But I think I will pray for safekeeping first.
Middle-aged man:
What's going on outside? Do you think it could be my fault, since I was confused whether to wish for a successful treaty or for war?
What... What was that loud noise...? Has the war, by any chance, started?
Be at peace. A church is a sanctuary. Even if a war broke out, no one would attack here... right?