Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 2: Cross-Continental Railway
Luggage Check
Script typed up by: Lineage
When trying to go out of the village
Lord Synbios! Please lead us to the cargo holding ground!
When trying to move further in train station
The Border Guards are waiting at the station. It's too dangerous to go there as long as King Benetram is with us.
Cargo holding ground
I heard the trains from Railhead carry many fabulous items, but I never imagined it would be as good as this.
And look over here! It's like a mountain of treasure!
Birdman chief:
How about over there? Did you find any treasure?
Upper bandit:
Hold your horses.... I'm about to open it. There it is. I got it open. What...? Hold on a sec, I'll have the treasure out in a flash... What... what are you.... why are you hiding in there!? Well, what do we have here? A girl!? And a pretty one, at that. Why were you in this thing?
I.... name Irene. Empire... very scary.... I... go... Republic.... with cargo... good...?
Upper bandit:
He he he... little Irene is from a foreign land.... Little foreigner, you should come have fun with us!
Touch me... and hurt... you will be. A... HAIYA...!
Birdman chief:
A girl hiding in a box? And a fighter at that. The boys over there have their hands full, so you guys go over and help out. If she's going to be trouble, since she's seen us and the crime scene, go ahead and finish her off!
Birdman 2:
What? Who are you guys? Chief! There's some more witnesses at the entrance!
Birdman chief:
All of you... these chumps are slowing our progress! Eliminate them all so we can get back to business, stealing treasure!
It seems bandits have detected us. In any case, we can't leave that girl Irene alone.
Don't prolong the fight, or the people in the station will hear, Synbios. Just help that poor girl!
During the battle
Synbios, use the terrain to gain an advantage over the game of bandits. Make sure you rescue the girl.
When talking to Irene
All of you... help to me came.... I happy. I... you... join...
Irene the monk joined the force
When the force approaches the birdman chief
Birdman chief:
Ugh... not good... they're pushing us back. I think I'll retreat up here on top of these crates...