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Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 2: Cross-Continental Railway
Railhead after Battle
Script typed up by: Lineage
After the battle
We defeated the gang of bandits. The only one left is the leader, Synbios.
Birdman chief:
Did you say Sunbios? I see... No wonder you beat us, you're the remains of the Republican army. I see Benetram next to you. I bet you were planning to escape by hiding among the cargo like rats! Forget the cargo, you are worth a lot more! There is a bounty on your heads. I must inform boss Shiraf! Just you wait! I'll gather my friends from Dusty Village, and return to collect Benetram's head.
What shall we do? It seems we are now the subject of a high bounty.
More importantly, take a look around...
Once they see the mess around the cargo, they're bound to inspect everything on this train.
I guess we must give up the idea of smuggling ourselves among the cargo.
Not only that, once this is discovered, the whole town will be searched from stem to stern... We must leave immediately, Synbios. We must get as far away from the town as we can, and as quickly as possible.
Railhead HQ
Once they discover the dismal shape of the cargo holding area, they'll come to inspect this plce too... We must leave right now, Synbios. We have to get out of town as quickly as we can.
I so lucky I find army of Synbios. I can ride train! Master... Irene luck now much more good.