Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 2: Cross-Continental Railway
Train Before Battle
Script typed up by: Lineage
We paid a lot of money for this! Why are we in the cargo train? At least they could have given us chairs...
Oh Masqurin... I was wondering what you were going to say about this...
Well, don't you agree, Lord Synbios? They're making a lot of money by transporting the cargo, and then they charge us all that money, only to treat us like this. That's quite cruel! And what is this awful odor? They won't put us in the same cart as the commoners... but... They didn't have to put us right next to the smelly schickens... I mean, chickens! We're not livestock!!!
I think that is just about enough, Masqurin. Look at Lord Synbios and King Benetram. They haven't said anything.
Well, yes, but even so... What do you think about all this, Lord Synbios?
What? Even you, Lord Synbios... and everyone else... and... even the King...
Oh, don't be so harsh... Dantares. This train isn't well ventilated. And... the odor IS quite strong...
I understand, my Liege. We're not supposed to, but... Let's crack open the cart door, just a little bit.
Do you want to explore the train? I guess that's a good idea, Synbios... Why don't you go look around.
Train, 3rd cart
Are you finished, Synbios? If you're done, go back to your spot and rest up.
I'd love to go with you, but if I went, the others might wonder. Please go on ahead.
Lord Synbios always gets treated different than the rest of us! King Benetram is being unfair! I'm sure he's just worried about me, but I'm not a child anymore... I can tell what's safe and what's not...
I... I really envy Masqurin. I wish I had a little bit of her capability to act freely and so casually.
Where is Irene from? I admit she's cute, but she definitely needs help in the language department.
Most associate Dwarves with caves... Personally, I don't care for narrow, dark places. I don't like this train.
In Irene country, not have this. No strange machine say 'choo choo choo'. How it move? Is civilization? Surprising!
I'm just a mercenary, looking for a certain Vandal that has revived... I came across some interesting information which brought me to Destonia. If what I heard is correct... My search may end there.
Synbios, this is very curious. All the carts are similar to each other... but the engine cart is different.
Train, 4th cart
Northenmost refugee:
I don't quite know how to thank you for paying our train fares. If there's anything you ever need... We may not ever ride on a train again... Everyone! Do your best to enjoy the ride from beginning to end! Everyone on this train seems to have a lot of money. To tell you the truth, I really feel out of place...
Refugee (husband):
At the northern border with the Empire... you will find the cursed village Quonus. It's a scary place... To the north of there, there's a huge wall called the Great Wall. Everything to the north of that is unexplored.
Refugee (wife):
We were rescued before being captured by the Border Guards, and managed to sneak onto the train, Our attempt to find refuge has been a success! I would do it all over again to be able to ride the train again!
Refugee (mother):
In the Empire, we worked and worked, but our lives didn't improve at all. On top of that, there wasn't enough to eat during the winters. We heard the Republic has freedom and equality for all, so we're trying to get there.
Refugee (daughter):
The Empire is completely class driven. Your future is determined by the class of your family. That's pretty pathetic, don't you think? My mother worried seriously about my future, so she decided to flee the country.
Riding a train is so pleasant... We'll arrive in Barrand in about twelve hours. I love technology...
Rich woman:
I bet you're wondering why I won't sit on the floor? I, unlike others here, have thought things through... Since the floor is vibrating very violently, if I sit, my bottom will be really sore when we arrive in Barrand.
Rich gal:
Standing for the train ride isn't too bad... If you think about how hard it is to travel by foot, this discomfort is nothing... I heard that when Governor Garvin travels, they bring out a special cart with seats.
Barrand does not have a big train station. You have to get off at a small, unmanned station. To get to downtown Barrand, you must walk quite a long distance.
Many passangers today. Things okay with you Republican soldiers? I know, the cars' conditions are pretty bad. But we're not nearly as valuable as the cargo. We should be grateful that they can carry us at all.
Train, 2nd
Chickens (random):
Cluck, cluck, cluck...


Cluck squak!