Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 3: Target: Guardian Statue of Elbesem
Dawn in Quonus
Script typed up by: Lineage
Quonus Graveyard
I can control dark power, but my ability to summon it was my undoing, and resulted in the Vandal controlling us. I've always had so much pride being a magician. But now... my pride has been shattered. Republic or Empire matters not to me. To get revenge and regain my pride, I shall help you fight your war!
Noon the wizard joined the force
My magic is a collection of the finest of all secret techniques. I shall show you my magic's real power.
Quonus Village
Even when we become kyon-shi, we were still able to live normal lives during the day. Since yesterday, I've seen soldiers going east along the northern mountain range, both Imperial and Republican armies.
That hideous monster... That Vandal... Well, he was an unspeakable terror. I couldn't even look him in the eye.
Old man
Old man:
Garvin, ex-Lord of this territory, was such a wimpy boy... He cried a lot because everyone picked on him. And now, he gives us to a monster, and has his magical "steam engine". Now he is a lord of a whole country.
Old woman:
Garvin worked on the steam engine in his mansion. Once, something went wrong and he blew off the ceiling. His research assistant is supposed to be somewhere in the mansion. He was also handed over to the monster.
Kyon-shi are controlled by evil powers! Make them sleep, and then defeat the one who is controlling them.
Western house
Young man:
North of Quonus Village is a wall which divides wilderness and civilization. It is called the Great Wall. Construction for that wall began long ago before this country was divided. Construction is still going on today.
There is not one child in this village. When I get married, I'm going to make so many babies, I'll have to start my own village. Wow, there... I said it... I can't believe I said that... I'm blushing...
Secret history of Quonus Village! The house across the river, facing the graveyard, is the Garvin family's.
It seems the awakening of Bulzome is near... Although we defeated his Vandal servant, Bulzome is a different story... By invoking the power of Elbesem, we may have some chance in fighting against it, but...
Spending the night in a graveyard, searching haunted houses... I'm not cut out for this stuff, Lord Synbios.
We fought through the night... and I really need to sleep... and I have a pimple. Oh, I'm so tired of all this.
Oh... no... Did you just see me yawning? I'm not very good at staying up late...
In the battle last night, I couldn't help wondering if the sun would ever rise again, Lord Synbios.
I hear the Vandal we fought was not the one Julian is searching for. He seemed very disappointed.
... Oh... no... I sleeping. Early to bed... early to rise... Makes girl... sleepy.... Zzzzzz....
I'm not too depressed. I'll continue along, find him one day, and cut him down. That is good enough for me....
When we cross the border ahead, we'll be in our home, Aspinia. This dangerous trek is almost over...
Even if we make it across the border, we must stay cautious... Imperial forces are stationed in Barrand.
There's no need to thank me, Synbios. We were able to defeat the Vandal only because of the protection of Elbesem.
Hey huh what!!! Huh... No, I'm OK.... I know the Vandal is gone, but I still feel so jumpy....