Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 4: Revolt in the Republic of Aspia
Flagard HQ
Script typed up by: Lineage
It seems that Fiale went in the castle to meet with Lord Conrad. There's something strange about that.
Flagard is dead quiet... It doesn't feel like I'm back in my hometown. Flagard used to be lively and festive.
As long as Fiale is inside the castle, Lord Conrad is very much in danger... We must get into the castle soon!
I see... so Flagard is your homeland, Synbios. It must be a nice and laid back town when things are normal.
There's no one in Flagard, and it feels like a ghost town. Does it remind you of Quonus Village too?
It long, long trip from Railhead to Flagard, I sleepy... I like quiet here.
I'm shocked to learn the reason behind General Fafhard's invasion was based on a suspicion he had about Lord Conrad and his colleagues. What's happening with this country..?
This whole thing could be dangerous. But we can't make plans for our forces unless we know what's going on inside.
Finally... it seems like a showdown against one of the high priests of the Bulzome Sect is nearing... Now it is time to test how effective my magic is against them.
The Bulzme Sect has ties with... the ancient legendary Bulzome, ruler of the north lands. Now, that's an odd religious group.
The Bulzome Sect is deeply involved in starting this war between the Empire and the Republic. They're also responsible for the death of General Edmund. Thos bastard high priests of Bulzme... we will make them pay!
Because I joined the Synbios army... I ended up fighting General Fafhard... I never imagined that would happen...
CHEEP CHIRP! CHIRP CHEEP! (Bulzome eat birds! Battle, Kill!) ... I guess that's what he's saying...
Our opponent this time is the one who defeated General Fafhard, the high priest from the evil religious sect. As long as we have this machine, however, we should be all right.
GRRR.. My sixth sense feels... Something wicked is inside... No matter, my pack knows no fear.
Old Man:
Oh look... It's a corpse... Well, no... Actually, it looks like he's breathing. He's pretending to be dead.
Hurrah! Lord Synbios has returned! Since uncle Dantares is with you, everything will be all right! They have gone into the castle, so find them and pound them into the ground!
Man! I... always play by the creek... I can't go today, it''s dangerous. It's a child's job to play! That's weak!
Old Woman:
Grandpa couldn't run and got lost in the commotion... Have you seen granpa anywhere?
Old Woman:
Grandpa is a tenacious, stubborn man. I know he's gotta be alive somewhere. He can't die... not so easily!
Old Woman:
Did you really? Knowing grandpa, I knew he would find a way to survive. Once, grandpa broke his leg while in a forest, and came across a bear... He survived by playing dead! He must've done the same thing again.
We're delighted to see you back in Flagard, Lord Synbios. Lord Conrad, who remained in the castle, is sure to make it back to good health once he sees you again....
Young Man:
During Fafhard's invasion of Flagard, out of nowhere, a group of monks wearing masks appeared in town... Some citizens ran home to avoid the terror, and yet others took refuge inside here to pray for safety.
I saw, with my very own eyes, a masked monk with a monster go into Flagard castle. The castle's unusually quiet now... It's even more creepy not knowing where they are, or what they're doing...
Solitary Girl:
Monks are supposed to show people the just and right way... and guide lost souls to salvation. But these so-called monks are simply murderers dressed in monks costumes with masks to match.
Left Guard:
When the masked monks came to town, we told the citizens to run to safety. That was about all we could manage...
Right Guard:
Ever since the masked monks entered Flagard castle, the entrance is locked, and it won't budge! Damn!
I'm glad to see you return, Lord Synbios, along with so many great warriors of Flagard...
We have returned, but the town is in terrible shape...
It's the masked monks and monsters... These monks do not praise Elbesem, but smell as if they worship darkness.
It is an evil sect called Bulzome. We've fought them many times, but didn't expect to find them here in Flagard...
The castle... Please tell us what is going on in there, Reverend!
I sent some soldiers to investigate, but the entrance is locked... there's no way to know what's going on inside.
Should we risk attacking the front door? That may make them open it, and we'll have a chance to get in!
That sounds like suicide, and suicide goes against the teachings of Elbesem. How about... yes, maybe that would...
Wait a minute. The Reverend is an old friend of Lord Conrad. He might remember something important.
I remember something... about the castle... I recall Lord Conrad mentioned.... something about... symbolic secret...?
Please try to remember, Reverend... This is the biggest crisis Flagard has seen since the Republican civil war!
Please forgive me... So much time has passed since Lord Conrad and I had that talk... My memory is failing me.
Just try and concentrate, Reverend... Relax.... and it will come to you.
Ah! Now I remember! Lord Conrad had put Republican emblems everywhere, and he was telling me that the emblem represented the Republic's goal of learning the secret to equality and harmony.
He also said that an emblem held a "symbolic secret". I asked him to explain, but the only answer he would give was that the castle was involved. I'm sorry if that's too vague, that's all I remember... I'll pray for you.