Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 4: Revolt in the Republic of Aspia
Script typed up by: Lineage
Left Soldier:
I heard you're plotting against the Baersol army instead of returning to your homeland Flagard. Your home is so close, just beyond the eastern wall, you should go home. I bet Lord Conrad is waiting for you.
Right Soldier:
Beyond the South Gate and the Baersol army camp, there is a cave called Volcano Hole with two entrances. The north entrance leads to Flagard, and the south hole is in Swampland region, and takes you to Headland.
Man by the Church:
This Republic was built on equality. But so many people tink equality means just equal rights and privilege. They forget that equal rights means equal responsibilities. Everyone must share the risk and the reward.
Young Lady by the Fountain:
I don't know why, but everyone likes to push me around. All I want to do is just stand here. Don't you ever push me!
What the... !? Please don't push me!
You can't force me to go with you!
Why do I always get pushed around!?
Hey, I hope you're not some pervert!
Our walls have never been breached by force. When the Baersol army broke through, they used treachery. We opened the gate to discuss a treaty, and they stormed the gate! What an underhanded trick!
A new railroad line goes to Storich, a town southwest from us. Many people have never seen a train. Because Saraband runs the station, the peasants have only been able to look at it, not ride it.
You see the woman standing stiffly in the middle of town? Well, she stands there for no reason at all. Now, everyone teases her, and pushes her around... Someone's going to push her too far... then watch out!
That woman in the middle of town must be very lonely. She just lets people push her around. She must be crazy from being alone... She must be starved for attention.
Young Man:
Aspia is the capital of Aspinia. After the War of Independence they built an outer wall. That gives us two city walls, an inner and an outer. We can feel pretty safe in times of war.
Old Man:
People complain that in the Empire, peasants aren't allowed to ride the train. Aspia is no better. The Republic is much poorer, and we'll never get to ride the train with such a ridiculously high fare.
Old Man:
With the reports of Edmund's death, the chances for my son's survival... must be slim. Still, I will pray for him.
Old Woman:
My son marched with General Edmund on the Saraband expedition. He has yet to return... I pray for his safety, and I'll never give up hope....
I'm glad to see a soldier like you coming to church to pray, Lord Synbios. Come, let's pray for protection together.
At my age, I am more concerend with the future of the young people than my own safety, so I come here to pray.
The priest says evil forces are spreading around... I wonder if that has anything to do with the war.
Soldier near Crates:
Famous warriors like General Varlant and General Edmund have died, yet we common soldiers survived.... The tip for surviving in battles is hide behind the other sodliers until it's all over. Try it sometime.
Soldier by Table:
We are the remains of the Barrand garrison. We still follow our General Tybalt. There is no place in Aspia for us, so we live here for the moment.
Soldier North of Table:
When we fled Saraband, General Varlant acted strangely. We don't believe it, combat was the essence of his life.
Soldier South of Table:
Even now, I can't forget the awful day the Empire invaded Barrand. When those terrifying Imperial battleships came into view, we lost all our will to fight.
Moving Soldier:
Those of us who juoned Tybalt's army are the only survivors of Varlant's army. In any case, my guess is we survivors won't stand much chance when we face the Empire again....
Soldier by Barrels:
I was born and raised in Barrand, and this was the first time I came to the capital city of Aspia. Even though this is supposed to be a poor Republic, the prosperity of the capital city is quite awesome.
Soldier Near Bedroom:
Many of our people died because of the Empire. If we don't strike back, their deaths will be for nothing! Tybalt and the other generals... how many more conferences do they need?!
Are you recruiting men for your forces?
No!? That's too bad... I love to fight, and I just can't sit around doing nothing!
I thought so! Why not sigh me up? Your army looks like a tough outfit, and that suits me just fine. So sir, won't you let me join you?
Damn... you're pretty uptight. What, my blood's not good enough for you?
Good. If you say so, I'd be glad to transfer to Synbios' battalion.
Horst the Gladiator joined the force
Scholar by the Table:
We built this Republic as one people. In time, we've lost sight of our ideals, and the Republic suffers. When the army became so important for our defense, we forgot the military serves us, not the other way around.
Scholar by the Bookshelf:
The breakdown between the people and the military is what started our problems. The people produce the wealth, all the army does is spend it. We must rise above such petty concerns.
It's a gamble to order from a smithy! They're great craftsmen, but you never know what they'll make.
Relations with the Empire were so good. How could they deteriorate so quickly? The conference the King of the Assembly went to was to be a treaty-signing. I suspect it was a trap....
I heard there is fighting with the Empire again. How close...? Has the Empire come with their army?
Lord Conrad. The main force behind the Republic's birth! He had high status within the Empire, yet he led the Republic independence movement. He is truly a hero.
Old Woman:
The people of the Republic have great respect for King Benetram and Lord Conrad, the defenders of the Republic ideals. Not all the leaders think that way. Some become obsessed with their power and resent the people's existence.
Old Man:
Your homeland Flagard had a successful harvest this year despite bad weather. Many lords are jealous of that. Unlike your people, they didn't think ahead and protect the land. Everyone should have done the same.
Queen Worm in Swampland! A terrifying queen worm lives in the swamp between Aspia and Headland.
Young Man:
We've had terrible weather this year. and the harvest in the Republic was devastatingly poor. The King has reduced thhe taxes to reduce the burden on the people, but I don't think that will help.
The lords and generals did not take kindly to the plan to cut taxes. For those aristocrats, it's unthinkable they'd have to budget like the rest of us.
Oh my! Lord Synbios!? Why are you in a bar in the middle of the day!? If Lord Conrad heard about this, he would hang his head in shame.
Oh... It's still early, yet you come here to drown your cares in drink? Ah, well when a man wants to drink, he wants to drink, eh? Be my guest.
Merchant near Bartender:
I came all the way out to Aspia, and almost died in the attack, but I still can't see King Benetram. I paid a lot to get on that train, and I intend to get my money's worth before heading home.
Merchant by the Table:
Hmmm, didn't you command the Republican army when a train was attacked?
Merchant by the Table:
Oh? You don't remember me. I'm the Saraband merchant who was on the train when it was attacked.
Merchant by the Table:
Oh, how can I ever thank you. The repairs on the railroad were finally finished, and here I am.
Girl near Young Man:
We came here for our honeymoon, but we can't return home because the army is blocking the road. Did you notice mmy accent? I was born in the harbor town which is adored by many people in Aspia.
Young Man:
Doesn't the Baersol army owe fealty to Lord Brutus? With Brutus gone to Saraband, they're doing whatever they want! How could they take advantage so!?
Bookshelf near Young Man:
Your fantasies come to life in the amusement district of Destonia! The night life not found in Aspia! The service, however, depends on what's in your wallet.
Moving Worker:
I'm staying in this lodge while excavating the ancient castle ruins. We dug up something amazing today. It is a statue of a huge giant. You wouldn't believe the size of this thing!
Standing Worker:
You know the statue we unearthed today from the ruins inside the castle? That thing gives me the willies... When I was cleaning rocks and mud I felt as if it was watching me... My partner says I'm imagining things.
Old Man:
I can't leave until I see his Majesty King Benetram in person, and get food stock directly from him. The lord of our region steals the rations from Aspia for himself. At this rate, everyone will starve.
I came here with my grandfather, and saw Aspia for the first time. Aspia has a big town and big castle. It is so different from the little village I live in!
Bookshelf near Kid:
How to cure your lonely nights! Wait until you hear a knock, then check them out. If you don't like what you see, you can ask for another.
Right before we escaped to Aspia we saw a huge island. It looked like it was moving toward Headland. It was spitting out black smoke, and it was making waves as it moved. Strangest thing I ever saw...
Girl near Gal:
We came from the southlands fleeing from the coming war. The castle walls of Aspia are truly magnificent. Even the Empire won't be able to break them down!