Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 5: Tower Ruins of Lookover
Script typed up by: Lineage
Young Man:
All of a sudden, a group of masked monks came by, and went into the tower of Lookver. Unless my eyes deceived me, I saw a monster walking along with them. But... what's the chance of that...?
Student by the Well:
Those monks who went up the tower are plotting to revive Bulzome...! It seems they are the Bulzome Sect! They must have finally found out we are using Lookover as the base to spy on their activities.
Those masked monks who just went up the tower are after Duke Palsis' life? Hey, if you came here to see Duke Palsis, you'd better hurry up the tower now. Please protect the Duke!
Duke Palsis... Once he climbs up that tower, he usually doesn't return for a long time... What IS he doing up there?
Old man:
Duke Palsis came here on a secret mission for Lord Benetram and his associates. He knew one day the evil sect army would come and try to take his life. He always told us to be careful.
What a horrible situation! The evil sect is up in the tower looking for Duke Palsis, just like he said they would. I can't stop thinking about that poor man up there. I guess I have no choice but to pray someone saves him...
Just when I was all in a titter about the Bulzome army, Republic reinforcements arrive. What a chaotic day this is!
Scholar by the House:
Bulzome fanatics are trying to kill Duke Palsis?! Oh no, I must grab a weapon, and stop those beasts! But... Wait a minute... I know nothing about fighting... Is there anything else I can do?
Left Soldier:
The evil sect army went in here. The one who looked like their leader was accompanied by a monster! His aura was so very forceful... It makde me cringe when he just looked at me.
Right Soldier:
Do you plan to chase after the evil sect army and go up the tower?
Right Soldier:
So you're gathering information first, right? You must be more cautious than you appear. I'm concerned about the ruins up there. If you don't hurry, all the treasures will be stolen by bandits.
Fiale is already gone from here... Lord Synbios, let's hurry over to see Duke Palsis as quickly as we can.
The weapons dealer left in a hurry. He was supposed to come back right away, but I don't see him anywhere!
Lookover borders the Great Wall, and beyond that, to the north, lies a very dangerous land. Raising children in a place like this is quite difficult, and is the source of my constant headaches.
No matter what I do, my mommy always says 'Stop, it's dangerous'. She thinks I'm still just a kid...
Lookover was founded by researchers excavating the tower and ruins here. We don't go poor around here. However, other Republic territories might not make it through the winter. I guess that caused all the turmoil.
Young Man:
It's rumored they saw Fafhard's army advancing toward Flagard from atop Lookover Tower. General Fafhard and General Edmund both supposedly are loyal to Aspinia. Why then... the raid into Flagard...?
To prepare for snow, make your preparations in autumn! Winter can be quite harsh in regions with deep snow.
Student Near Wall:
Two of us are in charge of the house chores. We have been cleaning and cooking since this morning. Students like us followed Duke Palsis here because we wanted to learn from him. I'm learning how to scrub...
Student Near Box:
What? An evil army in the tower...? I have to protect Duke Palsis... but I really should finish dinner first.
Bookshelf in Small Room:
Sightseeing? Travel the Great Wall! If you're careful, on the northern side, you will enjoy a great view.
Bookshelf Near Entrance:
Handle excavation tools carefully! Also, pay attention to details and be sure not to break anything.
I sensed right away when the positive energy sent toward the Great Wall vanished. The force of dark energy without the positive energy to counter it must be terrifying.
Recently, the priest has been acting strange. He was muttering to himself, and then he grabbed his head in agony. He's gone through rigorous spiritual training, but he is a mere mortal. It makes him seem much more human.
Old Woman:
I have lived in Lookover Village for many years, and I have seen some terrifying monsters. However, the frequency of their appearance recently is far beyond normal.