Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 5: Tower Ruins of Lookover
Lookover HQ
Script typed up by: Lineage
It seems Fiale has climbed the tower and gone to search for Duke Palsis. Let's hurry and chase after him.
Chasing after Fiale means we have to climb up that tall tower... SIGH... It's making me dizzy already.
I've heard about Lookver Tower before. They say the tower pierces through the heavens...
It's said Lookver Tower is on the north-eastern edge of the continent. That means we're on the edge now.
Are we really going to climb that high tower...? OUCH! My back! You still want me to climb it?
I love high places. I love look at very far landscape. We climb up now and beat up priest!
We knights aren't very good on hills. Oh well, if we're going to catch Fiale, I guess I have to go....
We bird people are best suited to high places like Lookover Tower. After all, what do I care if I fall?
I am... not very good with heights... But if we are to fight with Fiale, we cannot afford to wait around...
To think this tower was built by the ancients... it really is amazing! I wonder, though, about its purpose...
Did Duke Palsis build this village just so he can conduct his research? He must really like research...
This tower and the things around it... It somehow reminds me of the feeling I get seeing the Elbesem from Barrand.
CHIRP... CHIRP... (Why can't I fly... SOB...) ... or words to that effect...
We have gone everywhere on the north eastern region of this continent... except north of the Great Wall.
GRRR... I sense evil. I got the same feeling in Flagard. There is no doubt... the same evil is here....