Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 5: Tower Ruins of Lookover
Script typed up by: Lineage
Stone Pillar:
The pillar is made out of stone.
Young Man:
This is the camp of Vagabond, which means "wandering drifter." Think of it as a caravan of gypsies.
From Barrand, we passed through Aspia, and finally reached Malorie. Before this place is covered in snow, we always retreat to Lookover. We then spend winter in the southland.
Whoo! Yea! Army! It's me again. You just returned from a war? That's cool! Gotta go! Ai laaaaaaate!
Woman Near Barrel:
Are you heading over to Malorie?
Woman Near Barrel:
If you plan to head toward Aspia, I would recommend against it. If the Imperial army gets to Baersol, they are bound to rush up north. You'll be walking into a war zone.
Woman Near Barrel:
People were going in and out of the castle in downtown Malorie. Looks like something happened. If that Imperial ship that is supposedly in Baersol harbor is a prelude to an invasion, they're probably preparing for war.
Old Woman:
The rumor in Aspia has in that an Imperial ship entered Baersol harbor. I wonder... what happened there?
Woman Near Boxes:
I remember meeting you just north of Barrand... I thought you were heading to Aspia... but here we are, together again. You must be nomads like us.
That Imperial General... She was certainly very pretty. It is too bad the soldiers with the nice uniforms weren't with her. I was happy to see her. anyway.
Old Man:
Until now, the Great Wall's south side could be roamed in safety and comfort. Nowadays, things are different. We ran into many dangerous monsters, and barely escaped with our lives.
All villages out in the country, no matter what kind, need a church. That is why I travel with Vagabond. I wonder, however, if it is really necessary for a minister to follow a gypsy village?
Item Seller:
This place is getting pretty cold. ...soon, winter will be here again. The north region past the Great Wall is closed all year round due to snow. I couldn't live in a place like that.
Weapon Seller:
Operating a caravan weapon shop is harder than it looks... In some places we visit, their weapon shops are better stocked that we are... I'm embarrassed when I see that.
Old Woman:
That huge egg I had the other day.... I regret selling it. It had good color, and probably would've tasted good.
Old Man:
We opearate as a cafeteria of sorts, feeding the entire caravan. As you can see, there's not much here that would interest you. Now scat!
Hey there.. you sir! Would you like to see a rare treasure?
Left Merchant:
These dishes were dug up from ruins... Wash them, and they're good as new. I'll sell them cheap, please buy them. Oh... I guess you're not interested. It seems customers are not interested in buying cheap goods.
Right Merchant:
Sir, this food item is convenient and lightweight... ideal for the military. Want one for your military expedition? Yes.. it does come from Aspia, and I'm sure you'll find it useful.
Young Man:
Ever since Garvin created Saraband, merchandising caravans like Vagabond are having difficulty doing business. On our last visit to Aspia, however, we made many business transactions. The prospect of war is helping sales.
Old Man:
Recently, Saraband merchants have been doing better than us. This time though, we made a lot of sales in Aspia. Now with the Arrawnt army ashore, I know there will be a run on supplies. I can just see Garvin's face in agony!
If you don't want the Empire to take over the Republic, you better go to Aspia soon. I... don't much care for the Imperial class-based society... which is why I don't want the Republic to lose.
North Worker:
After a price is settled, the goods are sold... but then we go around and use our earnings to buy more products. That's how Vagabond does business. As result, the workload never lessens. Sigh... How long must I sort packages?
South Worker:
This one over there, that one here... Sigh... when we buy more merchandise, I gotta start sorting over again...