Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 5: Tower Ruins of Lookover
Vagabond HQ
Script typed up by: Lineage
Across these plains lies the town of Malorie. However, the Bulzome Sect won't let us pass through peacefully.
How odd... In such a remote place...!? The Vagabond caravan... It's too good to be true, even by coincidence...
These are the same nomads we met at Barrand. The world seems large, but maybe it's smaller than I thought.
Lord Tristus and his wife, Lady Margaret had a son, Algernon. He must be grown up by now.
I've heard the rumors about ninjas, but I don't believe everything people say. I wonder if they're dependable...
I heard that Malorie Castle is lavish and well built. Must be nice knowing your territory's lord is well off.
Brr... It fun be exploring north region, but it so cold! I hope go south we are, and soon!
I never imagined the Great Wall... contained so many steep inclines. My hooves are all ground down.
If you go to Malorie... Lady Margaret will be so happy! It's been a long time since she last saw you, Lord Synbios.
What's this strange aura...? It's different than a Bulzome high priest. Seems quite strong... and evil...
There's a big door at the Great Wall... I wonder who would use a door connected to the northern lands?
The lord of Malorie, Tristus, is charismatic and a great general. He is popular among the Republican soldiers.
I didn't expect to get supplies around here. I must say it was a fortunate happenstance... Luck must be on our side.
CHIRP... CHIRP... (I'm scared... Someone'll try to eat me! Angels attacking from the sky!) I think that's what he's saying...
There must be an unknown vast land beyond the big door on the Great Wall. I'm excited just thinking about it...
Grrr... I sense something strange! My intuition is warning me of something dangerous...
What was with that guy, Murasame...? If another ninja takes all the action, I won't have anything to do.