Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 1: God Warrior of the Kingdom
Chapter 6: Colossus of Aspia
Script typed up by: Lineage
Synbios' army is so strong and reliable that they managed to defeat the traitor Braff.... Malorie cannot move into Aspia because of poor Lord Algernon. I hope you will fight on for the future of the Republic.
Even though the Empire took Aspia, we don't have to surrender. We still ave Lord Synbios and Malorie to protect us.
Bald Man:
I was sent to inform you of the Empire invasion, but I got out just in time. They'll come here sooner or later.
Old Man:
Hearing of your concern for Lord Algernon, Lady Margaret reportedly wept aloud. Though time changes us all... the bond between family always stays strong.
Lord Conrad was reputedly a master of both strategy and politics. His son, Lord Synbios, is also quite talented. He has fought back the Empire and the rebels, and is also a great warrior. He may even surpass his own father!
Since Lord Tristus is so patriotic, you feared he might sacrifice his own son, so you lied to him. Lord Tristus now knows the truth, and I've heard he is quite upset about it.
Young Man:
Malorie cannot advance into Aspia because Lord Algernon has been taken hostage. They can't just let him die...
SHRIEK..! I heard the Imperial army invaded the capital city of Aspia. And they breathe flames and eat babies.
Old Woman:
According to my tarot card reading... your luck is on the upward swing... What...? Your luck has not improved? Oh, that is so very strange. The tarot cards never lie, you should be having nothing but good luck...
Left Soldier:
Lord Tristus is in his study... He is waiting to see Lord Synbios and his army. Though the truth was finally uncovered, he was quite upset that the secret was kept from him.
Right Soldier:
Now that Lord Tristus is free, there is no need to continue our charade. Access to this gate is now open.
This is a weapons shop after all, and their selection of axes is quite interesting. Once the war is over... I might try using one of these for my logging.
Young Man:
We can buy weapons now, but I don't know what to buy. I don't know anything about weapons.
Item Seller:
I heard you were going into battle in place of the Malorie army. Here, let me express my appreciation...
Synbios found the Healing Rain
Item Seller:
That is not much, but it comes from the heart. Please accept it. I hope the item I gave you comes in handy in the battle against the Empire... Please do your best.
Where will the Imperial army go next? I'm guessing their next target must be Flagard.
Young Man:
I told you so! Aspia has no generals who can stand up to the Imperial army. I said the Republic would lose.
Boy Birdman:
My daddy came home, but went back to Malorie castle right away. He seems happier than when there was nothing to do, but that might be my imagination.
Girl Birdman:
You know my daddy... He came back! He seems happier than before, so... I feel silly for crying!
Woman Birdman:
I cannot believe my husband Fynnding was locked up in the castle dungeon! That is just too cruel. And now, he doesn't even seem to mind! He said he'd forget the whole thing, and went right back to his duties.
The city of Aspia has fallen. It's a good thing everthing is already packed. If the occupation force in Aspia moves at all, we must be ready to grab our belongings and get out of town!
Even though the situation is dire, my son remains very calm... He... He makes me very proud.
Old Man:
Oh no! My worst fears have come true. Prince Arrawnt has taken Aspia. If he's anything like his father, the Emperor Domaric, he'll torment the people of the Republic!
Old Woman:
If Prince Arrawnt is anything like Emperor Domaric, there'll be hell to pay! He'll most likely hunt down the major players in the War of Independence and execute them one by one!
Bald Man:
Is it true a ninja works for Lord Synbios? If so, the ninja I saw the other day must have been him.
If that ninja partner saw was real, I sure missed a great chance. I wish I'd seen him scaling that wall.
Really... even Aspia...? If Aspia was taken... it won't be long until Malorie is invaded. This war is between two countries that used to be one, and it seems like it's not going to have a happy ending.
Old Woman:
Lord Algernon is sooo cute. His eyes are sparkling and irresistible... Please bring him back safely!
Only lord Algernon was abducted. That must be hard for Lady Margaret... Worrying about what a son might be going through in such a situation is harder on a mother than anyone else.
Old Man:
How was the battle, Lord Synbios? Do you now believe the 30 percent luck is on your side? To bring luck to your side in battle, you must pay attention to and understand the flow of battle.
I heard Aspia castle, as well as the town inself, is filled with Imperial soldiers... Taking on that many enemies all at once seems like an impossible task for a tired Republican army.