Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 1: The Journey of the Third Prince
West district
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Beyd (Aspinia Team)
Prince Medion, glad to see you out here. Please allow me to ask a question about this war. Are you involved in this war?
I actually saw an Imperial battleship leave the shore a few minutes ago.
The steam ship was actually bigger than I had thought they would be.
Young Man:
Most of the Imperial generals have gone to the front of this war.
I wonder how long this war will last.
The Empire's army has headed to the front of the war with the intent of destroying the Republic.
A fairly huge battle has begun on the plains outside of the city. I'm sure a lot of people will die.
I haven't seen a lot of Imperial soldiers recently.
I guess their out crushing the Republic..
I wish I could see the battle from my house.
I saw them march out of this town a few hours ago. I really wish I could sit in my house and just watch the battle.
The peace conference lasted a long time due to some misunderstandings between the fueding countries.
I was relieved to see them all leave.
I hate watching people through windows.
I saw a horrible skirmish between the Empire and the Republic a little while ago.
I think it was in the Imperial district when I saw it.
It had a violent atmosphere, and I hated to see the fight.
Wasp Maki Fellow:
The explosions a little while ago caused a lot of problems. There was some breakage on the cities engine.
It was very damaged and it surprised me that we still were floating. It cost alot of money for me to fix it.
Because of the battles outside, I couldn't water the flowers.
But since the battle left, I have been able to water a lot of these flowers.
Soldier 1:
The Republic criminals have run away from us. They intend to make it to the Capital of the Republic.
The Imperial army, however, are in the process of chasing them down.
Soldier 2:
The republic criminals escaped on the pier of this town.
It is a pitty that the Saraband guards were cut down in their escape.
Imperial Soldier 1:
Is the third prince of the empire heading to the war front?
Most of the soldiers who travel to the front never return.
Like in all wars, they probably die.
Imperial Soldier 2:
Prince Arrawnt and Prince Mageron will not travel to the front because their mother never liked them fighting at the worst position in war.
Imperial Soldier 3:
We are soldiers of the Fiderit army, but we aren't with him because he ordered us to watch the cities people.
He also wants us to watch for the Medion army.
Imperial Soldier 4:
Their are too many Republic spies in this town.
Do you think the republic doesn't like this town?
Aunt in Private House 1:
If Emperor Domaric never returns, then my husband could be out of a job. He worked as one of the guards outside of the peace talks. Now how will we feed my son.
Fellow in Private House 1:
Most of the Imperial forces left for the battle field. But I never saw Domaric and his army leave.
I believe that their must be a reason he did not leave. Was it due to the explosions that occured, or is their another reason I have yet to hear?
Guy in Private House 1:
My mother and father worry about the Emperor Domaric's abduction. I don't see anything wrong about his abduction.
Young Man in Private House 2:
I am glad the Empire left this town.
I thought for sure that they would never leave.
Now I can worry about the repairs on my house.
The repairs are going to be very expensive, I know it.
But, I guess it is nessesary to make the house look good for the city.
Woman in Private House 2:
Though the bombardment of explosions was very frightening, nobody in the city was injured.
My house is in very good shape too. Now I can save some money.
Boy in Private House 2:
I am glad that the troubles are over with in this city.
Now I can feel safe in this town, even though my father left.
I wonder if the capital of the empire have had troubles like this town.
I haven't heard anything if it did happen..
Grandpa in Private House 3:
Dusty village, which is north of Saraband, is a horrible place.
A man named Shiraf runs the place. He sends his thieves to the corners of the Repuiblic and the Empire to steal.
Grandmother in Private House 3:
I heard that general Shiraf has a deal with the empire.
Shiraf apparently attacks only what the empire tells him he can, that coward.
Woman in Private House 4:
The explosions really damaged my house.
I asked a repair man what he thought of my house and he gave me his opinion.
The house is still in good shape, and it wouldn't cost much of my money to fix it.
Grandmother in Private House 4:
Since my house isn't damaged, I was thinking of spending some money on it. So I want to decorate it.
My daughter said to spend it on the outside apperance.
So I think I'll buy some decorations.
Woman in Private House 5:
I have heard that the bar located in the business district of Saraband has been sold to a new soldier.
The person who owns it is a knight who likes to do his laundry. That is very strange.
Grandpa in Private House 5:
My son wants to join the army of the empire.
I have never seen him want anything that much.
But I want to know if it is safe?
I know soldiers are very respectied in this day and age.
Woman in married couple's house:
The last person in this house had a strange egg. I think they took it with them on their journey.
Young man in married couple's house:
Priest's are very lucky. They don't have to join the army, and they get to ride trains for free.
I wish I was a priest, then I wouldn't have to join the army.
Priest 1 in large residence of saint festival:
I am an apprectice, so I must stay here to learn from my teacher. I'm working hard so that I may be able to leave and heal wounded people.
Priest 2 in large residence of saint festival:
I was originally hoping to study for my priest hood at Barrand, but the current situation made me come here.
So now I'm training to be a priest here.
I'm doing this for my father who prays to the father everyday. Everyone in my family congradulate me on my job choice.
Woman in large residence of saint festival:
Since my husband is becoming a priest, I don't have to worry about him becoming a soldier in war.
Now he just spends his time here learning the ways of the priest. I amhappy that he is not in Garvin's army. Now all I need is a big house and money to go with it.
Boy 1 in large residence of saint festival:
My elder brother is bocoming a priest, but my father doesn't like it.
My mother is happy that he is doing it though.
It isn't dangerous work to be a priest.
Boy 2 in large residence of saint festival:
My father hates my elder brother for joining the priest hood. My father says that being a priest is a waste of being a man.
Saint Festival:
I am a saint festival. I currently work for Garvin. I train priests to go to the battlefield and heal the wounded.
Is the great father within your mind?
Soldier 1 in imperial guards barracks:
This part of Saraband recieved the bombardment of explosives. I helped most of the people escape the devastation by bringing them to a safe house.
I belive the republic army did it to harm the Imperial army.
Soldier 2 in imperial guards barracks:
At the current moment, we are looking for anyone from the republic. We will punish them for their foolish attack on us.
Soldier 3 in imperial guards barracks:
We finally sent the guards after the criminals. But I think we sent them after the wrong guys.
Those guys with the masks are frightering. One of them threatend to cut off my kneck.
Soldier 4 in imperial guards barracks:
I can't believe that someone would attack the peaceful country we live in. I hope the governor generals' forces will catch the criminals.
Soldier 5 in imperial guards barracks:
The soldiers of the city did a good job at defending the general's residence in the attack.
It is always important to guard Governor general Garvin in any way.
The defense will always give their lives for him.
Soldier 6 in imperial guards barracks:
I can't believe the abduction of Emperor Domaric occured in Garvins residence.
Now it is we, the soldiers, who have to find the people involved in the abduction.
The emperor must be found. We must hurry before the criminals decide to assasinate him.
I shall help the Medion army in any way to find the Emperor before he is murdered.
Fiderit's army shall defend this town for the time being. So, we don't have to worry about this town.
After Syntesis and Uryudo join
The people that attacked Campbell and us at the docks were evil priests.
I know that Benetram had nothing to do in the abduction, has you have heard.
I know that the the two other princes' have something to do with the abduction.
They treat Medion's army with disrespect, and I know that they seem evil.
What I think might not be correct, but I hope it is so that I can fight them.