Scripts & Translations
Shining Force III Scenario 2: Target: Child of God
Chapter 1: The Journey of the Third Prince
Saraband East District
Script typed up by: Chris Spiral
Script translated by: Pasty (Aspinia Team)
Has the Empire?s army attacked the Republic yet?
Young Man:
I was raised in an average town, Saraband is quite different in terms of beauty.
Why should people fight? I know no one who has fought, and gained from it.
Flower Shop Lady:
Because the fight didn?t go well, many of the defense corps of Saraband have fallen.
if Garosh lives
Garosh's Girlfriend:
Garosh, a defense corps member, and my lover, was saved by the Synbios army. He left immediately to give a report to his commanding officer.
if Garosh dies
Garosh's Girlfriend:
Garosh my lover, and a member of the defense corps, was killed in defense of the pier, alongside Synbios's army. His younger brother, Jade will surely be saddened.
Boy in Private House 1:
My papa was killed in the defense corps, someday I want to join the corps too
Girl in Private House 1:
My elder brother plans to join the service, and avenge papa; I wish he would change his mind
Woman in Private House 1:
You are Prince Medion, of the Empire? In memory of my husband please slay the Republic army, for this atrocity they have committed
Young Man in Private House 2:
I am honored to have the prince of the Empire in my house. What are you going to do about the defectors to the Empire?
Woman in Private House 2:
Please strike down the Republicans who killed my loved ones! Spit in their face and send them back where they belong! Then the citizens will have peace.
Woman in Private House 3:
This is terrible, many innocent citizens of Saraband have died! Isn't it terrible?
Aunt in Private House 3:
Are you Prince Medion?
Begin choice options
Aunt in Private House 3:
It is said that Yome's husband died, I heard her crying a little while ago. From what I can see through her window, she has gone into a daze.
Aunt in Private House 3:
You look like him. you should get some rest.
Aunt in Private House 4:
The Saraband army, which is fighting the Republic, has been nearly wiped out. The army's structure is very fragile.
Girl in Private House 5:
My papa has gone to the commercial district, and he has not returned yet. I am worried.
Grandpa in private house 5:
My son has gone to the commercial district, and must have gotten busy after the commotion. I hope he is okay.
Grandmother in Private House 5:
It is said that my son has returned late. My grandson is very worried. Are you gong to see a son of you're own someday?
Man in Defense Corps Barracks:
All that is left are in these barracks. All of us are frightened of more war.
Boy in Defense Corps Barracks:
1. Garosh lives in Scenario 1
2. Garosh dies in Scenario 1
Aunt in Defense Corps Barracks:
1. Garosh lives in Scenario 1
2. Garosh dies in Scenario 1
Man in Scientist's House:
The Empire's army is heading towards the front. I man the driving part of their steam battleship!
Boy in Scientist's House:
Wow! The prince of the Empire here to meet us! But after all, my papa is very popular. Someday I want to be a scientist like my father also!
Aunt in Scientist's House:
Prince of the Empire eh? Are you here to check up on the steam organization? I usually stay at home, and care for the children and the house